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I think We Need Term Limits

I agree with the Tea Party on one thing, some people in congress have been there too long, entrenched there. I’m glad they are leaving or gone, Dodd, Arlen Specter, Lieberman, Snowe, — good riddance. I want more to leave: Rangel, Boehner, McConnell, Ron Paul, Bill Young, Conyers, McCain, etc. I hope we have a complete turn over in the next few election cycles. I don’t want Joe Biden to run in four years and hope he just ends his career at Vice Pres, if he and the president are re-elected. Joe has been in Washington DC since he was 29 and in four years he would have been there 45years, he is a relic. I would go so far as saying that Obama should move Biden to the State Department, and take this opportunity to choose a different VP. I know many would say that replacing him would symbolize weakness, I disagree, I think if anyone can do it and get away with it–Obama can.

Americans might have elected Bill Clinton for a third time, but they couldn’t, he could have been president during 911. If there was the possibility of eight more years of George W. Bush during the 2004 election would he have won? We have another president that is young enough to serve a third term and cannot. The presidential term feels too short. I don’t think the founding fathers wanted anything limited or they would have written it in the original articles, but I don’t think they would mind. We are not coming of age, we have a documented past and it does appear if you are in DC too long, you might not be able to help becoming part of the gridlock. Thank goodness the founding fathers left a constitution that can be modified.

I think I am for term limits–the past fifty years is evidence we need it–but what should be the maximum? THREE; only three terms for everyone in every level of government. That means twelve years for the president. If you serve in both houses of congress and the presidency the longest you would be in DC is 36 years (what are the odds), unless you serve as both Vice and president in which case it would be 48 (what are the odds of that happening?) Let us assume you only serve House and Senate, the max is 24yrs. You can still run on the city, county, and state levels as well, three terms per position.

Yes three it seems would be perfect, three for the Governour, Mayor, City Council, state senator, Ombudsman, Public Advocate, etc. The other thing term limits can do, stop people who always talk about dismantling government or how government does work, from spending their entire lives living off government. Wouldn’t have been wonderful if some of the ole timers had been gone after three terms? It’s time we give other voices a chance.

Hey Congress, “Give Me What You Got” !!

I think this is a great sum up of my position on healthcare reform.  Why are the people who’s salary is paid by our tax dollars denying to the american people what they all insist on having for themselves.  Whoopie Goldberg has the solution, everyone call, write, fax congress and tell them “I want what you got”.

Bill Moyers “The Treason Of The Senate”

My response to posting on Dailykos,  ” The Treason of the Senate: Bill Moyers explains who really owns America”

Bill Maher talked about it on his show Friday. Some of the founding fathers felt the senate was not necessary and only the house was needed because it was more representative.

It is so funny that you posted this blog today because I was just pondering doing a blog about what we are seeing in our time. I think we are really witnessing the collapse of a great empire. This diary has articulated what I have been debating with friends and co-workers about for years. This diary touched me to the core because it is so difficult trying to explain to people that slavery is not dead just transformed. I have already blogged about the work week, and how the American lifestyle is not conducive to a healthy family, because parents are taken away from the home chasing the American dream.

Whether working for a prestigious hospital chain or a major corporation, I could not shake the feeling of being on a plantation. I could not stop thinking about the time I was spending away from home and how it was hurting me and my family. I knew I was missing out on crucial time with my daughter, and had less time for self reflection and development.

I just worked for a major fortune five hundred company. A company that made billions of dollars per year but we did not have a place to hang our coats. When I complained they wheeled out a steel closet that could hold about five coats for an office of about one hundred people. I was the only one who thought something was wrong with that.

The problem is that many of the union leadership have also sold out to the corporations and have grown accustomed to the glamour and glitzy side of politics and have forgotten the people they were elected to represent.

I have been contemplating whether is should put up some of my writings while I was working for this major corporation. Some of the grievances I have had to file while in their enslavement. This diary has assisted in making that decision.

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