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OCCUPY MOVEMENT should change its name to the “99% MOVEMENT”. “99%” sounds more inclusive, it broadens the pool of potential participants. The “99% Movement” makes it easier for those who are not comfortable with protest to join. “OCCUPY” has come to represent “showdown with police” and the message of the 99% is lost due to all the negative coverage of those trying to sleep in parks. The sleeping over in parks should end, and the “99% Movement” should become a Voter Registration campaign.

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Another Election Being Stolen

After the strike fight with the union I did not expect what would come next. Bloomberg negotiated to give the New York Yankees over 600million to build a new Yankee stadium. Well after we gave the Yankees our hard earned tax dollars they built a beautiful stadium that average new Yorkers cannot afford to attend, baseball which is supposed to be a family affair, the average New York family cannot afford it. If a family of four wants to see the game it will cost about $400. The Yankees are one of the most, if not the successful franchises partly because they are in New York. Did Bloomberg think the Yankees were going to leave the city if they didn’t get the money? Continue reading

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Feeling Used

It started about eight years ago when they moved to New York I thought it was sinister then because there were rumors that deals were struck in order to garauntee a senate seat. So they moved in and took over prime real estate. Continue reading

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