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Jon Stewart is Right and Rachel Maddow Doesn’t Get “It”

OK after reading the commentary around the web, I finally saw the much talked about interview with Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart. It leaves me very sad, and disappointed in “the left”. I think Jon did a great job explaining … Continue reading

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A Healthcare Amendment? My Response To Keith Olberman Special Comment

Another day in the fight for healthcare reform. This has been a fascinating debate but I agree with Obama we have been talking about healthcare for years, but for the first time I think something is going to get done. … Continue reading

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C-SPAN & PBS Is The New Main Stream Media

CSPAN provides the public complete convention coverage including the films, from the time the doors open at 5pm. The coverage is unfiltered leaving room for your own opinion. PBS covers the convention from 8 till the end, though there is some commentary, it is usually show speeches and only talk during musical interludes. Lets not give the so called main stream media any more viewship. CSPAN is currently showing the lobby of the Denver Grand Hyatt, backstage stuff. They also show some of the different venues that take place during the convention. Lets make CSPAN and PBS the new main stream media. We have to demand that the media respect the public, and since this is a free market and we are the consumers, let stop consuming.
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Is Hillary an American? Holding the Media Accountable

By The Pollitikat – May 1st, 2008 at 7:32 am EDT on Obama’s blog I was offended when Oreilly asked Hillary “what is an American?” and she did not defend freedom of speech. Another moment for her to be magnanimus … Continue reading

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(Iraq War) Double Speak and Holding the Media Accountable

I am very disturbed by the anniversary of the war. I remember sitting in my living room and crying the morning after 911 because of the telephone calls that were coming in the television morning shows about loved ones that … Continue reading

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On Barack Obama: I Guess He Is Black Enough

After watching Barack answer the charges of hate against his pastor, sadness came over me. Barack was forced to say he was never in church when Wright was giving sermons that might have been peppered with the kind of comments … Continue reading

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