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Jon Stewart is Right and Rachel Maddow Doesn’t Get “It”

OK after reading the commentary around the web, I finally saw the much talked about interview with Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart. It leaves me very sad, and disappointed in “the left”. I think Jon did a great job explaining his intentions and what the rally was. “I could have gotten on the field” he said in trying to show a distinction between himself and real activism. He also did an excellent job explaining his show and what he considers “media”, what leaves me sad is that Rachel just did not get it but stayed stuck on trying to make the “leftie points”. I don’t understand why she didn’t get that Jon’s show is a criticism of news. Jon is saying there is very little journalism going on in cable news, and everything is sensationalized, when there is a real opportunity to do in-depth reporting because they do have twenty-four hours of time to fill. Instead of showing lock-up/lock-down MSNBC could do real investigating , and try something different like exposing corruption as apposed to just mimicking Fox News. I have long complained about the redundancy of the media which Jon referred to as “the relay” and the way the other channels not only became fox-like but are now totally allowing Fox News to write the narrative. The other channels have basically just started covering fox and that is why the country is going to heck, because no matter what the fox agenda gets out. media if you don’t get what Jon is saying then shame on you.

I think what Jon was saying is fox has done a good job of de-legitimizing the media, while wielding a great deal of power themselves. If they report on Fox News that the mainstream media is just out to get them and they turn on MSNBC and all they see are people criticizing fox and calling Glenn Beck crazy and showing clips of reports from Fox News, then what are they to think. Wouldn’t you believe that what Fox was saying may be true? Instead of the other two networks sticking to hard news and facts; they have helped to reinforced fox’s caricature of media. I don’t need the media telling me what to be mad about, I just want the information and I’ll decide if it upsets me. The tea partiers disrupting town hall meetings would have better contrasted if the person delivering the information weren’t also yelling.

I think this problem started during the escalation to the Iraq War, many media sold out to the administration so they could get embedded status. They helped to cover Bush’s lie about “weapons of mass destruction” and they did not cover the anti-war movement in this country. I hardly saw any coverage of the anti-war movement during the Bush years and that was because Bush was able to use homeland security and terrorism as a bludgeon against the people and eventually the media. They had played right into the hands of those who wanted to manipulate the media and essentially helped in their own demise. I have long said the media is the biggest problem facing this country and this interview has reinforced that for me. The reason why it is hard for the media to now paint Bush as a war criminal, is because during the time he was saying that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction every media was running around trying to prove that point, showing chemical labs, and old footage of missiles, and dead Iraqi’s. Instead of talking about the reality of the moment and telling the truth, the media helped promote the war idea.

I remember exactly when the spell of the right wing broke for the media it was the interview with Bill Clinton and Chris Wallace on Fox News. Bill Clinton stood up to the media that day and shortly after Keith Olberman gave a “special comment”, but the journalism didn’t return to the media, commentary became the norm, narratives and opinions, the us vs. them argument only gained reinforcement and in that melee real journalism died. The media became self centered celebrity driven and angry. That is where I believe we are today, and this interview with Jon Stewart crystallizes everything that is wrong with the media. Rachel—it’s not about you, Jon is a comedian and you are part of the media, your job is to deliver facts and the truth, and no Rachel, you don’t have to yell it. Jon’s job is to make us laugh and lately he has been making us laugh at the media.

A Healthcare Amendment? My Response To Keith Olberman Special Comment

Another day in the fight for healthcare reform. This has been a fascinating debate but I agree with Obama we have been talking about healthcare for years, but for the first time I think something is going to get done. What that is I am not sure. I just hope whatever it is leads to Universal Healthcare; because I don’t think we are going to get that on the first try. We have to get a public option though because that is the only path to Universal Healthcare. It’s not going to kick in until 2016 we need to put pressure to make the changes take effect sooner. No one is talking about it but I think the timeline for the implementation of this bill are too way off. Particularly because of the timeline, anything less than a bill with a public option to me would be a real failure because in a sense we would still be at square one.

I watched Keith Olberman Special commentary on healthcare reform last night and I think the hour would have been better if Keith had on a panel of doctors and let them explain what they have to deal with behind the scene with health insurance companies, let them talk about some of the remedies, I don’t know that Keith reached anyone other than his usual audience with his special comment. There were so many other ways to utilize that hour, maybe visiting clinics, or getting some of those people from the town hall meetings that were shouting and letting them tell their stories. I don’t know I love Keith and am an avid viewer but I think he did nothing to further the debate.

healthcare reform requires a constitutional amendment, the preamble supports it when it speaks of promoting the general welfare, and healthcare has to do with the general welfare of our country and people. Part of the reason why we are having such a hard time getting real changes on healthcare is because people do not think it is a constitutional right. I think it is time for another constitutional amendment. The great thing about the constitution is that the founding fathers made a way for this document to be corrected and include whatever they left out. We have already amended the constitution twenty-eight time to cover such things as amendment (17) senatorial elections, (8) abolish slavery, (2) the right to bear arms, (22) term limit the presidency. The last time we changed it was in 1992 amendment twenty-eight, to deal with the wages of congress. Why can’t we change the constitution to make healthcare a right for all Americans and legal residents. Take the poll.

I do like the idea of having the health clinics, but it should not just be in the senators who are voting against it. It should be in as many states as possible because people are lacking healthcare everywhere. Maybe it could be an alternative to the non-bill that might come out of congress. Maybe we can link together and contribute across the country to make it happen. We can call it community sponsored healthcare, it would include gym memberships, nutritionist visit, and herbalists, and routine checkups. It would offer coupons from franchises, and athletic brands to help people purchase bikes, skates, protective gear, etc. It would sponsor neighborhood sports teams and activities. It would hand out free smoking patches and condoms. Is there somewhere like this already? It would be a non-for-profit, and even get some government funding. I don’t know just throwing things out there. If the government won’t give us Universal Healthcare maybe we can give it to ourselves.

This commercial captures Congressman Grayson’s current comments about the Republican Healthcare plan of just don’t get sick. Clearly it is not an option:

C-SPAN & PBS Is The New Main Stream Media

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE turn off CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC. These so called media are a joke. Particulary MSNBC. I know that we have had an affinity for that channel because we feel that they may be a little bit more toward the opinion we want to hear, but I am convinced those guys only like hearing themselves talk. Lest we forget this is the same media that crowned George Bush, the same media that became tools of the Bush Administration, beating the drum for war, bargaining our childrens lives for exclusive em-bed. Remember the em-bed reporters who were supposed to covering the war. Yes the war was big business for those who conspired and those who exploited. Look at the news these days. How many familiar faces do we see. These people are all new faces, and remember they all advanced during the marketing of the war. We cannot and should not trust them. Remember what happened to Dan Rather, Bill Maher, and who became popular, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. Hannity was just some obscure Loud mouth on MSNBC. Now we trust MSNBC.

The media’s lack of overage of these conventions are a betrayal of the American people. The people who litterally put the money in their pockets. The media pimps the public, luring us in with promises of being fair, and balance, honest and the only place for politics. They use our viewership to extort money from corporations for advertisement. We feed them. This is the most important election of our time and the media is not even covering the biggest event in that election. The Convention. I remember when every channel carried the conventions, it was the one time every four years along with the olympics when we as Americans understood that our television programming would be interrupted, and we reluctantly tuned in and in the end was glad we did. It was great to get the feeling of what what happening in our country and government and see the different politicians and listen for something familiar and important to our story. The American people are being denied this opportunity. ABC, CBS, NBC are only carring one hour of coverage. With all the money these people make and the fact that it is summer programming everything is a repeat what is wrong with some REALITY-TV, like the Democratic convention.

MSNBC, FOX, CNN claim to be covering it but yet all I see when I tune in are the same pundants giving their opinions. Who care what they think, this is about the American people, give us a chance to hear the convention so we can make up our minds. We dont even get the hear the speaker who dont fall into their narrative of the “clinton-obama”. The media has decided that John McCain should be the next president because everything they do give him the advantage. This is a time when Obama and the Democratic party can introduce his story, and the parties plan for America, and the public is not getting a chance to hear it. We hear the pundants every day.

It is clear the media is only interested in becomming celebrities. I remember when the only celebrity news was Entertainment Tonight. PLEASE, PLEASE TURN THESE GUYS OFF. They are now exploiting and fabricating this rift with the Democratic Party, causing further friction between those who may not understand the business end of things in the media. At least we know where FOX is comming from, but MSNBC is only a bumbling bunch of talking heads yapping, and listening to their own echoes. As much as I appreciate their opinions I would have rather watched the convention and listen to their opinions after. I remember when CNN was reputable, but now they seem a little confused, not knowing whether to be a real news channel or a opinion channel like the other cable networks. With everything thats going on why am I watching five hours of pundantry. Since when did the newspaper reporter become the “expert opinion” for the television reporter. What happened to real jounalism. What is going on with the media is the next big con being perpetrated on the American people, that we have anything resembling a free press is an outright lie. How many times do we have to watch the awkward moments between guests and pundant when the guest doesnt fit with the narrative. How many times are we going to watch them dig up the two people in the room that doesnt support Obama. What is James Carville, and Pat Buchanan still doing on tv. The media have lied to us during this entire election.

Remember they crowned Hillary Clinton the winner before people even started voting. Remeber those days of Hillary “the presumptive democratic nominee”. They were shocked that Iowa night, they werent able to predict that win and have been trying to get a handle on the election ever since. The media’s biased coverage of that Iowa win is what gave Hillary her victory in New Hampshire. They were terrified of the prospect of not having the Hillary Clinton in the campaign because she is good for business, this is played out by their obsessive coverage of the so called “clinton-obama” rift.

CSPAN provides the public complete convention coverage including the films, from the time the doors open at 5pm. The coverage is unfiltered leaving room for your own opinion. PBS covers the convention from 8 till the end, though there is some commentary, it is usually show speeches and only talk during musical interludes. Lets not give the so called main stream media any more viewship. CSPAN is currently showing the lobby of the Denver Grand Hyatt, backstage stuff. They also show some of the different venues that take place during the convention. Lets make CSPAN and PBS the new main stream media. We have to demand that the media respect the public, and since this is a free market and we are the consumers, let stop consuming.

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