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New Michael Jackson Song This Is Not A Hit

After hearing the new Michale Jackson song it sounds very incomplete, and choppy. I don’t know if Michael Jackson would have wanted this song released in this condition. The lyrics are not coherent, the music sounds bare boned like a … Continue reading

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Don’t Buy Shmuley Book On Michael Jackson Tapes

My Response to article by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach article on Huffington Post promoting his new book about Michael Jackson  “The Michael Jackson Tapes”.  I tried to post this three times on Huffington Post but it has yet to appear, I … Continue reading

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Gone Too Soon, A Michael Jackson Story

By the time I heard of Michael, the Jacksons were coming to an end, but the music they created was still played on the radio. I heard “ABC”, “Ben”, “I’ll Be There” and “I Want You Back” and saw the television show. Then came his solo career and although I was barely ten years old, I fell in love, and it was a true and pure love. I rocked when he sang “I Wanna Rock With You”. You felt his soul in every song, and he didn’t dance too badly either.

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