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A Healthcare Amendment? My Response To Keith Olberman Special Comment

Another day in the fight for healthcare reform. This has been a fascinating debate but I agree with Obama we have been talking about healthcare for years, but for the first time I think something is going to get done. What that is I am not sure. I just hope whatever it is leads to Universal Healthcare; because I don’t think we are going to get that on the first try. We have to get a public option though because that is the only path to Universal Healthcare. It’s not going to kick in until 2016 we need to put pressure to make the changes take effect sooner. No one is talking about it but I think the timeline for the implementation of this bill are too way off. Particularly because of the timeline, anything less than a bill with a public option to me would be a real failure because in a sense we would still be at square one.

I watched Keith Olberman Special commentary on healthcare reform last night and I think the hour would have been better if Keith had on a panel of doctors and let them explain what they have to deal with behind the scene with health insurance companies, let them talk about some of the remedies, I don’t know that Keith reached anyone other than his usual audience with his special comment. There were so many other ways to utilize that hour, maybe visiting clinics, or getting some of those people from the town hall meetings that were shouting and letting them tell their stories. I don’t know I love Keith and am an avid viewer but I think he did nothing to further the debate.

healthcare reform requires a constitutional amendment, the preamble supports it when it speaks of promoting the general welfare, and healthcare has to do with the general welfare of our country and people. Part of the reason why we are having such a hard time getting real changes on healthcare is because people do not think it is a constitutional right. I think it is time for another constitutional amendment. The great thing about the constitution is that the founding fathers made a way for this document to be corrected and include whatever they left out. We have already amended the constitution twenty-eight time to cover such things as amendment (17) senatorial elections, (8) abolish slavery, (2) the right to bear arms, (22) term limit the presidency. The last time we changed it was in 1992 amendment twenty-eight, to deal with the wages of congress. Why can’t we change the constitution to make healthcare a right for all Americans and legal residents. Take the poll.

I do like the idea of having the health clinics, but it should not just be in the senators who are voting against it. It should be in as many states as possible because people are lacking healthcare everywhere. Maybe it could be an alternative to the non-bill that might come out of congress. Maybe we can link together and contribute across the country to make it happen. We can call it community sponsored healthcare, it would include gym memberships, nutritionist visit, and herbalists, and routine checkups. It would offer coupons from franchises, and athletic brands to help people purchase bikes, skates, protective gear, etc. It would sponsor neighborhood sports teams and activities. It would hand out free smoking patches and condoms. Is there somewhere like this already? It would be a non-for-profit, and even get some government funding. I don’t know just throwing things out there. If the government won’t give us Universal Healthcare maybe we can give it to ourselves.

This commercial captures Congressman Grayson’s current comments about the Republican Healthcare plan of just don’t get sick. Clearly it is not an option:

McCains Fake Outrage Against John Lewis

I too was appalled when hearing McCain demanding Obama repudiates John Lewis statements when he has yet to denounce anything said by himself or Palin, or his supporters. In fact he went on TV and defended those supporters, bringing up veterans, exploiting his military affiliation. Well I reject and denounce McCain’s comments. He has the nerve to say that John Lewis cannot have an opinion, this man was beaten and fought for freedom in the same sense that John McCain did and in John Lewis’ case it was the country he loved that was doing the beating. John McCain was overseas so I think John Lewis has a better understanding of what that time was like in this country having been on the forefront. When they ask us to reject people like Rev. Wright and Rep. John Lewis they are asking a portion of the population to deny what happened in this very country at the same time defending the right to Israel to exist and declaring never again. Now I only bring up the Israeli thing to say to whom should America be more responsible and defending to the death?

Please do not interpret this as some rant against Israel it is just to drastically highlight the discrepancy. African Americans have been put in the corner that if they talk about the history of this country that included the tragic periods of slavery and Jim Crow and the civil rights movement they are perceived as complaining or playing the race card and won’t forget the past. The truth is white America played the race card, they decided that brown skin was not good enough; your skin had to be white in order to be considered human and a child of god. All the while African Americans must suffer through substandard standards in our school system, job discrimination, and terrible living conditions. When I canvassed for Obama in Philadelphia I was surprised to see such conditions in the richest country in the world. I could understand why those people felt their vote didn’t count. But then I don’t have to go far to understand that I can just look out my window. The influx of drugs and inactivity. These people have no where to go, nothing to do. Everything is for profit these days, you don’t have community centers offering training and arts and culture in the poor communities the way you do in the better off ones, so for these people the door of opportunity seems sealed shut and the American dream has slipped away. The teachers in these schools are talking about belly rings and boyfriends or girlfriends, they are complaining about thirty kids in a room, but when I was a child there were thirty kids to a class and the teacher had total control. In these neighborhoods people are more concerned with the latest block buster movie and movie star, singer, rap artist, or reality show, that’s where they find themselves.

Rep. John Lewis knows what he is talking about; we have to stop acting ignorant and acting like there wasn’t a Ku Klux Klan, or Black Panther party. Lets not forget about the lynching and hangings (terrorism) that took place by some of these peoples own ancestors, and yet they want to tie Obama to some guy who was fighting the system when Obama was eight years old. With the Ayers thing I don’t understand what the outrage is because some of these very McCain supporters hold the likes of Timothy McVeigh as their hero and celebrate the actions he took, they hold the government responsible for his execution. These are the people that McCain and Palin were trying to incite, and I believe they know exactly what they are doing and that is what makes them so dangerous, not what we need right now in this country.

I had the honor of attending an Obama rally over the weekend while I was out there canvassing; it was the last rally of the day in Philadelphia. Although it was in a predominantly black community the crowd was extremely diverse, Michael Nutter, Bob Casey, and Ed Rendell were there. The crowd was fired up and so was Obama, but the amazing thing was after rally, people were dancing in the streets and it was like a street festival. I saw black and white, spanish, asian, of all religions, dancing together holding signs supporting Obama. At no time did I hear anyone calling McCain old, liar or hatemonger. No one called Sarah Palin a criminal and immoral because of the recent ruling against her. We want to go beyond the us and them argument, because there is only “we the people”. That is what Obama is doing in America.

John Lewis speaks from a unique position and he has a right to speak and he did do it in a responsible way by going to the media and pointing out what the media failed to point out. He knows these things usually start off in a whisper and end up with killing I think the most disappointing thing about America right now is our media. The media has so much blood on its hand and if something happens to Obama the media will be partially responsible. This new idea of punditry as news is such a disservice to the American people. The media acts as if people are entitled to their own facts. I thought the media was there to point out the facts. I remember what it was like during the lead up to the Iraq war and the media is just as responsible for that war as much as Bush and the Congress. There was nothing about the lies the Bush administration was pushing that a little investigative journalism would not have uncovered. The media became agents of the Bush administration, allowing him to stage press conferences and rallies; filling the airwaves with people who had no credibility, and by putting them on your shows giving them credibility and now there words are able to influence public opinion. I remember the majority of the media was instrumental in marketing the war, I guess they needed their exclusive all. What the media doesn’t realize is that the people don’t want exclusive they want information and truth.

How come no one has pointed out that McCain was nicknamed “Maverick” by the media, or the connection between the Keating five and Vicki Iseman—the lobbyist he is accused of writing letters to regulators according to her client list, the same thing McCain was admonished for in Keating Five? We have been on Ayers for about two weeks now. There is more of a connection between McCain and Iseman than there is between Obama and Ayers but because McCain throws it out there the media gives it life.

In Defense Of Hillary

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Keith went off tonite on Hillary, I agree this was a bad blunder but I really do think she was refering to the fact that primaries lasted until june in the past. I think this was a terrible example to draw upon and has set the media off. I am glad they are pouncing on this and I hope it helps to hasten Hillarys exit as well as difuses the idea of her being on the ticket. GREAT!!!

Its about time someone started playing hardball with her Im glad to see saturday night live has done it and now so has the main stream media, anything to get her out is good for us as long as it doesnt look like we are pushing her out. Foot-in-mouth syndrom is not synonimous with a particular person. Hillary has been getting away with it for months. Keith gave a great list but he left off saying she would inihilate Iran, her confession about lying about Bosnia, I could go on but I wont. I dont want to pile on. lol

I hope this moves the superdelegates and they decide to make a bold statement within the next few days. It also gives Obama an out when he does not chose her as the runningmate for the ticket. She has too much baggage and will only weigh down the ticket. The Clintons are part of the past and what we need to turn the page from. They keep the old fueds going, we need a more collaborative government, I see nothing but a Republican Congress and stalemate if she is on the ticket. I also see defeat, because she is the only person who also galvanizes the Republican party to get out and vote. She has a built in anti-vote and I dont think that segment of the constituency has been tapped yet in this process, I think they will be if Clinton is on the ticket. The Republicans have gathered a large arsenal against the Clintons and they are just waiting to unleash it. The campaign will become a spectacle and not about real issues. Obama will have to spend as much time defending her as he will defending Rev. Wright and other associations, Michelle’s statements, elititism, etc. He doesnt need anymore distractions.

Hillary has run a hard but unorganized campaign. It highlights her lack of discipline and inability to lead. She is not ready to be President. Experience does not mean she is qualified for this particular job. She may be great as the Health Care Czar, or just Senator from New York. I think that is a great deal of history. I think she might be the first female senator from New York. I know she is the only First Lady elected to the Senate.

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