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A Healthcare Amendment? My Response To Keith Olberman Special Comment

Another day in the fight for healthcare reform. This has been a fascinating debate but I agree with Obama we have been talking about healthcare for years, but for the first time I think something is going to get done. … Continue reading

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McCains Fake Outrage Against John Lewis

John Lewis speaks from a unique position and he has a right to speak and he did do it in a responsible way by going to the media and pointing out what the media failed to point out. He knows these things usually start off in a whisper and end up with killing I think the most disappointing thing about America right now is our media. The media has so much blood on its hand and if something happens to Obama the media will be partially responsible. This new idea of punditry as news is such a disservice to the American people. The media acts as if people are entitled to their own facts. I thought the media was there to point out the facts. I remember what it was like during the lead up to the Iraq war and the media is just as responsible for that war as much as Bush and the Congress. There was nothing about the lies the Bush administration was pushing that a little investigative journalism would not have uncovered. The media became agents of the Bush administration, allowing him to stage press conferences and rallies; filling the airwaves with people who had no credibility, and by putting them on your shows giving them credibility and now there words are able to influence public opinion. I remember the majority of the media was instrumental in marketing the war, I guess they needed their exclusive all. What the media doesn’t realize is that the people don’t want exclusive they want information and truth.

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In Defense Of Hillary

also posted on BarackObama.com Keith went off tonite on Hillary, I agree this was a bad blunder but I really do think she was refering to the fact that primaries lasted until june in the past. I think this was … Continue reading

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