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"Wow" Happy Presidents Day

At his final rally in the general election Barack Obama looked out at the crowd of 75 thousand gathered in Virginia late November third and simply said “WOW”. That’s my wrap up of the past year. After wondering in the … Continue reading

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Farewell John ** The Power of Endorsement

For those who say John should not endorse anyone and stay on the sidelines is contradicting what we represent as a Democracy. Should the unions have stayed on the sidelines instead of showing support for John, should Martin Luther King III … Continue reading

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2008 Presidential Candidates

  DEMOCRATS   Senator Hillary Clinton, New York. Serving as First Lady to Bill Clinton, Hillary is an author, world traveler, and Lawyer. Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been carving out her space in history. From what I know about … Continue reading

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The Measure Of A Man

My concern is for the American people, the next election is about what the people want. Because of the betrayal of this government I am even more suspicious of politicians. The fact that the Democrats did nothing to stop George Bush and even voted in support of the war makes it hard to give them the benefit of the doubt. I know that a politician lies, but we, the public, should not accept a politician that lies about bringing the country to war, I am not supporting anyone who is still for this war and does not speak out vehemently against it. I want peace and prosperity, I want to do unto others as I would have them do unto me, and I don’t want to have to wait until I die to get it. I want to see the victims of Katrina and city of New Orleans fully restored. If we can afford to lose $9billion dollars in Iraq, and not even investigate to find out what happened to it, then we should be able to afford to fix New Orleans and allow the displaced Americans to return home. I would like to see secure borders on both sides Continue reading

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