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Pres. Obama Should Choose A Different VP

I have said it before I will say it again: President Obama should switch out Biden, and I know just who for-> ELIZABETH WARREN. I know people will say this is against all political wisdom to switch Vice Presidents for the second term of a presidency, we love Joe, etc.; but Biden can go the State Department. Obama should switch for a couple of reasons; first, if he does not switch out Biden he may not inspire enough people to get involved in this election. I believe the republicans will not be able to resist the temptation of putting a Latino on the ticket, (or possibly a Latina) –just as they could not resist putting up a female in 2008—this will lead to instability of the Latino vote. Republicans have been quietly passing voter restriction laws to suppress the vote, organizations are feeling anxious about voter registration drives –the only way to fight back is with massive registration and high voter turn-out; Democrats need a way to galvanize the base and encourage self –registration. The President needs to make up for his potential Latino loss by securing another demographic, I think the current “war on women” by republicans is helping but it may not be enough, Warren just might be–she should be properly vetted of course.

Another reason is Democrats need to present some sort of continuity and strong leadership post Obama. I don’t think Biden would be a viable candidate; he couldn’t do it on his own before I don’t think he is going to do it in 2016. Many say, (and I heard a particular idiot on the republican side throw out today) that Hillary Clinton should run in 2016, I believe that would be a mistake, and if the Republicans are for it – can’t be such a great idea. Hillary would be polarizing, America is going through too many forward changes to reach for the past; this is wrong for republicans as well as democrats. I don’t want to see the country go back to the eras of Reagan or Bush, I appreciate the Clintons but Hillary is history. Elizabeth Warren is the only person I see right now that can represent the future and is competent enough take the baton from Obama and win.

Elizabeth Warren is knowledgeable, she has courage and with four years as VP to prepare, she will be ready to become the first Female President. Elizabeth is tough enough to go after Scott Brown’s seat, she allowed Obama to adopt a more populist argument, she has a great narrative and she speaks the language of the working class. I think Ms. Warren can beat anyone the republicans put up in a debate, I am not sure if she knows foreign policy but damn it she can learn. Also, selecting Elizabeth Warren would be a clear indicator that Obama stands with the 99%.

I think if anyone can get away with a switch, Obama can and if he does not switch out his Vice President, it could be defeat. It might have been too cliché in 2008 to put a female on the ticket, but I think the time is right for such a move. –This is another change moment, I may get ignored but I wouldn’t mind seeing Obama/Warren2012

"John McCain is the most wonderful, thoughtful, bravest, caring maverick, aaaah, man I know."

I didn’t know skirting around, and showing zero understanding of the issues means qualified to be president. I mean the woman recited from her “memory cards”. I thought Sarah was terrible, she didn’t answer any of the question and the answers she gave were disturbing. All Sarah proved tonight was that she could read and memorize. Being folksy and witty is not an answer to the question. I was not impressed, you have to be more than a pretty face and know how to speak, you should actually know something, and I don’t think she proved that tonight. The most important thing Sarah said tonight was that she agreed with the Cheney philosophy of expanding the role of vice president that bothers me.

Sarah reminded me of an aggressive small dog that is hyper and barks at everything that passes. She was just on the attack and she offered no real solutions. She was not even familiar with John McCain’s record. Seems like all she did to prep for the debate was memorize answers and watch the democratic primary debates, too bad she didn’t come with any facts. The most amusing thing she said was that examing the Bush years was looking backwards towards the past. “You prefaced your whole comment on the Bush years …dog done it.” Those darn Bush years, which John McCain agreed with George Bush the majority of the time, we should just forget about that. The pesky past. Hilarious!!

The McCain/Palin ticket offers no solutions to any of the questions that face our nation.
All they did was trash what the other guys is proposing without putting forth their own vision. I find it to be a very empty ticket that’s only appeal is the “celebrity” of Sarah.
This has proved to me more than ever that Sarah is not ready to be vice president, she did
makes mistakes by not answering the questions, and not knowing what she was talking about, and I think equating yourself with Cheney is a pretty big mistake. You could see the light go off in Joe Bidens head when she did that, he almost burst out of his skin. She talked about expanding the role of vice president. Bingo! Cheney in a skirt. When asked what her role would be as vice president, she said John McCain asked her to work on energy, special needs, help reform Washington. What does that mean, when you just talked about exerting power over the senate? Even on Energy she didn’t seem to know more than Joe Biden, and she regurgitated her answer for energy on about four or five of the questions that had nothing to do with energy. Smile, wink, smile!!! Wink, wink!! I don’t want my politicians winking at me, ‘cause I don’t know what you’re talking about when you do that. Are you saying “I’m kidding”, “I don’t mean what I’m saying”, “just go along, and I’ll explain later”, that’s what it means to me.

For women the fact that pundants are saying that she did well in this debate is a real set back. To have a bar set so low, her main qualification is her “cuteness”. Selecting Sarah Palin is affirmative action at its worst, and speaks to John McCain’s lack of respect for the nation and the position of president. She corrected Joe about the “drill, baby, drill” but she didn’t know much about the economy or foreign policy. Her main headlines were taxes, maverick, and reform, all of which were knocked down successfully by Biden. He effectively attacked McCain’s record and tied him to Bush. I’m not saying a woman is not ready for the position, but this woman clearly is not. She came off very rehearsed, even during the times she looked into the camera I don’t think she connected, she looked drone-like. At times I felt like I was watching a terrible remake of the Manchurian Candidate, “John McCain is the most wonderful, thoughtful, bravest, caring maverick, aaaah, man I know.”

I also think she wants to be at the top of the ticket. She did have the slip of saying that John McCain is the guys we most need to “leave”…oops, lead.

Two Deserving Men

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As I marinate in the decision of Joe Biden as our Vice Presidential nominee, I found myself breaking out into a smile. Joe Biden the outspoken, crusader from Delaware. See that is my opinion of Joe Biden, the original “maverick”. I remember long summer days watching the Iran/Contra hearings and Joe Biden was a star. He was frank in his statements and straight forward in his questioning of Oliver North and Ronald Reagan. Joe Biden helped me believe there were honest people in politics. Joe Biden is an American Hero in the sense that he has diligently championed our cause. I cannot think of a more deserving person to serve as No.2 to our POTUS. He is knowledgeable, articulate and clean. Everything we need in Vice President. Knowledgeable in the fact that he knows the map very well and knows borders. Articulate in the fact that he can answer in question in complex terms but make it understandable for the average person, and clean in the sense he has no corruption or scandal in his history other than the yawn of a story that he plagiarized, heck even Obama has been accused of that. How perfect.

The more I think about this selection the more it just sits easy with me. I trust Joe Biden. I believe him. I think Joe Biden is frank, a real blunt speaker. He was built through struggles and accomplishments, he is the right man and now his time has come. I am almost tearful when I think of the possibilities of an Obama/Biden administration.

This selection of Joseph Biden has reinforced my confidence in Obama’s ability to lead this country. This is a bold and courageous decision on Obama’s behalf.

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