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Israel Does Not Have The Right To Strike Iran

I understand the fear the Israeli live with, because as an African American I live among what used to be the enemy (the so called white race), and even though “whites” continue to have all the advantages in American society and hence the world, I have to have faith that they are not going to thrust Africans or people of color back into bondage. And so I try my best to be the example of how I want to be portrayed. Of course Israel has a right to exist and be a secure place, but there comes a time when we must compromise and we have to trust each other. I believe the source of the animosity is the conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians; we have to be honest with ourselves about that. If we solve that problem, we may have peace. I think Israel should allow Obama to negotiate with the Palestinians and Arab states on their behalf and Israel should go back to the pre-67 borders. Jerusalem is another issue, it can be split in half but if the Israelis don’t agree with that it should go to the Palestinians, they are the ones being imposed upon, and Israel should never try to expand beyond those borders. In return the security of Israel is guaranteed, there will be no aggression against the Israeli people, to do so would bring the full wrath of the US. This should happen immediately—the US will man the border for a period of time allowing both countries to organize themselves without interference. I think no one is seeing the others side, neither Palestine or Israel existed pre-48, and now they both want to exist–there must be compromise–the threat of pre-emptive war must be off the table–in order to achieve peace we must be examples of peace. With all the years of Israel bombing and killing and assassinating-(the eye for eye theory) has it brought peace. Now Israel is saying the only way to achieve peace is annihilation of the other side, isn’t that what Hitler was saying. I don’t believe that, I believe we can co-exist peacefully even among those who may have done wrong in the past, we must–I do it every day.

"John McCain is the most wonderful, thoughtful, bravest, caring maverick, aaaah, man I know."

I didn’t know skirting around, and showing zero understanding of the issues means qualified to be president. I mean the woman recited from her “memory cards”. I thought Sarah was terrible, she didn’t answer any of the question and the answers she gave were disturbing. All Sarah proved tonight was that she could read and memorize. Being folksy and witty is not an answer to the question. I was not impressed, you have to be more than a pretty face and know how to speak, you should actually know something, and I don’t think she proved that tonight. The most important thing Sarah said tonight was that she agreed with the Cheney philosophy of expanding the role of vice president that bothers me.

Sarah reminded me of an aggressive small dog that is hyper and barks at everything that passes. She was just on the attack and she offered no real solutions. She was not even familiar with John McCain’s record. Seems like all she did to prep for the debate was memorize answers and watch the democratic primary debates, too bad she didn’t come with any facts. The most amusing thing she said was that examing the Bush years was looking backwards towards the past. “You prefaced your whole comment on the Bush years …dog done it.” Those darn Bush years, which John McCain agreed with George Bush the majority of the time, we should just forget about that. The pesky past. Hilarious!!

The McCain/Palin ticket offers no solutions to any of the questions that face our nation.
All they did was trash what the other guys is proposing without putting forth their own vision. I find it to be a very empty ticket that’s only appeal is the “celebrity” of Sarah.
This has proved to me more than ever that Sarah is not ready to be vice president, she did
makes mistakes by not answering the questions, and not knowing what she was talking about, and I think equating yourself with Cheney is a pretty big mistake. You could see the light go off in Joe Bidens head when she did that, he almost burst out of his skin. She talked about expanding the role of vice president. Bingo! Cheney in a skirt. When asked what her role would be as vice president, she said John McCain asked her to work on energy, special needs, help reform Washington. What does that mean, when you just talked about exerting power over the senate? Even on Energy she didn’t seem to know more than Joe Biden, and she regurgitated her answer for energy on about four or five of the questions that had nothing to do with energy. Smile, wink, smile!!! Wink, wink!! I don’t want my politicians winking at me, ‘cause I don’t know what you’re talking about when you do that. Are you saying “I’m kidding”, “I don’t mean what I’m saying”, “just go along, and I’ll explain later”, that’s what it means to me.

For women the fact that pundants are saying that she did well in this debate is a real set back. To have a bar set so low, her main qualification is her “cuteness”. Selecting Sarah Palin is affirmative action at its worst, and speaks to John McCain’s lack of respect for the nation and the position of president. She corrected Joe about the “drill, baby, drill” but she didn’t know much about the economy or foreign policy. Her main headlines were taxes, maverick, and reform, all of which were knocked down successfully by Biden. He effectively attacked McCain’s record and tied him to Bush. I’m not saying a woman is not ready for the position, but this woman clearly is not. She came off very rehearsed, even during the times she looked into the camera I don’t think she connected, she looked drone-like. At times I felt like I was watching a terrible remake of the Manchurian Candidate, “John McCain is the most wonderful, thoughtful, bravest, caring maverick, aaaah, man I know.”

I also think she wants to be at the top of the ticket. She did have the slip of saying that John McCain is the guys we most need to “leave”…oops, lead.

MCBush and MCPalin

I was one who wanted Obama to choose a woman in order to take this option away from John McCain and totally own the history and change argument. I was not surprised, and I figured if Obama did not go for a female McCain would. It was an ace card played mainly because of the Hillary Clinton effect. To use a poker term John McCain just went all in. He has secured his base and he is gambling on the women voters, hoping there are enough that will vote only along gender lines. I am sure that as a political scientist and skilled politician Obama must of played this out and come to the conclusion that the votes McCain would gain from going to a woman for his running mate would be cancelled by the votes he would get as a reaction to McCain’s obvious insult towards women.

How do you defeat the McSame and Plain old politics ticket? Don’t make this about McPlain Jane, make it about Senator McFlipFlop, the Supreme Court and the direction we want to go as Americans. Here are the talking points:

1. The democrats should march out the army of women in the Democratic Party, to show they are the party of progress for women, and they should call McCain- “McSame” – because women can get away with those kinds of attacks. They should be expressing outrage at John McCain for exploiting women, and not taking the female vote serious. Stressing the insult to female intelligence, thinking we will vote simply based on gender.

2. Make this about McSame’s flip flopping. This is the ultimate flip flop. McCain made this election about Obama’s experience and said that Obama did not have the experience, well now since he saw his candidacy in jeopardy he decided to flip flop and now experience is not important. He said he needed to know and feel comfortable with that person and now he has flip flopped on that as well by appointing someone he barely knows to be a door slam away from the presidency. .

3. What kind of judgment does it show when you don’t even take the time to get to know the person who you are about to appoint to the highest position in the land second only to the president. What kind of judgment does it show when McCain thinks outside Washington is simply geography. He said he has good judgment but after having five months to make this decision, only made it at the last five minutes after he saw the success of the Obama ticket. Is that putting country first? Obama was vetted by the American people and we decided that he was qualified to compete for the job, do we trust McCain’s judgment when he claimed that experience was such an important component for the person who was ready to president. Was he lying? What kind of judgment does it show when you are willing to flip flop just on something he claim was an important moral issue. After all he is saying Obama is not qualified because of lack of experience, now she has the same experience as Obama that makes her qualified. America chose Obama, John McCain chose Palin. Do we trust John McCain’s judgment? After all he thinks Bush is right 90% of the time.

4. Make this about issues. Experience now becomes our issue and we link it to being out of touch. McSame is out of touch because he has little “experience” dealing with the average person and has consistently voted against the middle class. Make his experience a negative issue and has spent too many years in Wash.DC, so he doesn’t realize that gone are the days when women simply do what men want them to do, they make up their own minds. Unlike Joe Biden who was riding the Amtrak and consistently having contact with average Americans, McSame was flying in his private jet, to one of his seven palaces, no wonder he chose someone who is out of sync with the direction the country wants to go. Palin is pro-life and pro-guns, she promotes the agenda of the most conservative wing of the Republican Party. Paint the picture of what life would be like under a McSame and Plain administration, war in multiple countries, veterans neglected, wages and jobs decreasing, and legal abortion abolished.

5. Reinforce we have the ticket in the right order. The person with the vision of where Americans wants this country to go is at the top of the ticket. Although it will be great to have a woman in high office we are not willing to sacrifice four years to John McSame and the Bush agenda to get it.

6. McPalin is under investigation, accused of abuse of power. There were 24 communications between her office and State Troopers’ office trying to get her ex brother-in-law fired. McPlain says she knew nothing of this obvious unethical behavior going on right in her very own office, does this sound familiar. She is ready to be what? By Republican standards she is very qualified. She really is more of Senator McBush and that’s not the change we need.

Republicans have been wrong on all the major social issues in the past thirty five years. Republicans say Americans don’t want government intruding on their lives, yet they want to legislate one of the most intimate decisions a woman will ever have to make. They are party whose president lied to the nation in order to invade a sovereign country for personal gain. The vice presidential debate is on my birthday and I cannot wait. Maybe McPalin can tell us what happened to the missing $9billion in Iraq. We want to have more than peace; we want community, unity and shared prosperity. The republicans have been pulling a “Kansas city shuffle” making us look right while they run left with our rights and money. They trash government as incompetent making us look away while they pillage. Enough!!!
As a female I am insulted by the ploy, but understand that McCain had no choice, this is the only shot he is going to have at being president so he has to do everything he can to win, play all his aces. He would only kick himself if he lost and he had not taken advantage of this option left on the table by Obama. By Clinton going as long as she did in the primary we became comfortable with the idea of a woman in the white house. McCain sat back and saw that as an opportunity for him, mean while it slipped away for Obama. For him to take a woman along on his ticket in the beginning was portrayed as weak and too much change. By the end of the primary it became “he better chose Hillary or no one”. Is McCain going to turn a loss for Obama into a major gain for himself? Was it a trap set by Obama? Did someone overplay their hand? See the only thing is you can play one card too many and what appeared to be a winner can backfire and you lose everything. Onward to the debates.

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