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The Bronx Is In Da House On ABDC

Americas Best Dance Crew is one the many television shows that is bringing artistry of dance back to the youth of america. This so reminds me of my youth when we had crews battling at local clubs. I was too young to attend but I heard the story from brothers and sisters of friends who saw the battle go down live. I got turned on to this show because I have youth around me who were fans, but I love dancing, especially dancing crews so I found this show fun to watch Continue reading

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Akon!! Perfect Example of What is Wrong With Hip Hop

Hip Hop Return to your Roots!! Pt. 4 If there was any confusion about the seriousness of the state of Hip Hop and R&B we need only look as far as the recent scandal with Akon. I have been wondering … Continue reading

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Response to Oprah’s Hip Hop Town Hall

Hip Hop Return to Your Roots!! pt. 3 I watched the two day special Oprah had about sexism in the hip hop lyrics. I found this forum interesting. Rappers have had a little animosity against Oprah ever since she confronted … Continue reading

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Hip Hop return to Your Roots? Part II

Why Hip Hop is Falling In my last posting I raised the question of whether or not Hip Hop was dead. With the release of Nas’ “Hip Hop is dead”, the rapper has made a powerful comment about the state … Continue reading

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A Good Person Just Wouldn’t …

IMUS GONE!! The “I’m a good person” defense did not stop Imus from getting cancelled on MSNBC. The fact that Imus was a “good person that said a bad thing” was a lame defense because during his apology Imus continued … Continue reading

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Hip Hop Return to Your Roots Pt. 1

Is Hip Hop Dead? I know that in my first posting it sounded like I was saying that Hip Hop died, but by no means am I saying that is what I mean. I strongly feel however that hip hop … Continue reading

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