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This is political and social commentary and just my opinions; a compilation of Status Updates as broadcasted on Facebook from my personal page “Pollitikat Comments”. A documentation of current events, a critique on American Politics and Society and my version of Art. Some might call them brain farts but these are deep thoughts — Yes, I consider myself an analyst, philosopher and artist. This is an urban review from a concerned immigrant who has adopted the United States as home. A really fun book, not overly serious and should be consider light comedy. Hopefully there is something in it that will make you laugh, make you think, you might find pain, some misunderstanding, even get angry — and maybe there is one thing in here you will agree with. The purpose is to share these dynamic posts with a new audience, folks who have never been on Facebook or have never seen a comment from Pollitikat – as well as offering another viewpoint on some of the critical issues facing America. For those who follow me online — it’s your favorite posts in book form so you can share with your friends and family, and for everyone it is an opportunity to start discussions of your own.
“Do I think I am smart, yes—do I think I know it all? I know that no matter how much I think I know I only know one thing and that is–I know nothing.” — Pollitikat Comments

Pres. Obama Should Choose A Different VP

I have said it before I will say it again: President Obama should switch out Biden, and I know just who for-> ELIZABETH WARREN. I know people will say this is against all political wisdom to switch Vice Presidents for the second term of a presidency, we love Joe, etc.; but Biden can go the State Department. Obama should switch for a couple of reasons; first, if he does not switch out Biden he may not inspire enough people to get involved in this election. I believe the republicans will not be able to resist the temptation of putting a Latino on the ticket, (or possibly a Latina) –just as they could not resist putting up a female in 2008—this will lead to instability of the Latino vote. Republicans have been quietly passing voter restriction laws to suppress the vote, organizations are feeling anxious about voter registration drives –the only way to fight back is with massive registration and high voter turn-out; Democrats need a way to galvanize the base and encourage self –registration. The President needs to make up for his potential Latino loss by securing another demographic, I think the current “war on women” by republicans is helping but it may not be enough, Warren just might be–she should be properly vetted of course.

Another reason is Democrats need to present some sort of continuity and strong leadership post Obama. I don’t think Biden would be a viable candidate; he couldn’t do it on his own before I don’t think he is going to do it in 2016. Many say, (and I heard a particular idiot on the republican side throw out today) that Hillary Clinton should run in 2016, I believe that would be a mistake, and if the Republicans are for it – can’t be such a great idea. Hillary would be polarizing, America is going through too many forward changes to reach for the past; this is wrong for republicans as well as democrats. I don’t want to see the country go back to the eras of Reagan or Bush, I appreciate the Clintons but Hillary is history. Elizabeth Warren is the only person I see right now that can represent the future and is competent enough take the baton from Obama and win.

Elizabeth Warren is knowledgeable, she has courage and with four years as VP to prepare, she will be ready to become the first Female President. Elizabeth is tough enough to go after Scott Brown’s seat, she allowed Obama to adopt a more populist argument, she has a great narrative and she speaks the language of the working class. I think Ms. Warren can beat anyone the republicans put up in a debate, I am not sure if she knows foreign policy but damn it she can learn. Also, selecting Elizabeth Warren would be a clear indicator that Obama stands with the 99%.

I think if anyone can get away with a switch, Obama can and if he does not switch out his Vice President, it could be defeat. It might have been too cliché in 2008 to put a female on the ticket, but I think the time is right for such a move. –This is another change moment, I may get ignored but I wouldn’t mind seeing Obama/Warren2012


Taking Obama’s advice and sharing my story—–
I went to my mailbox today and in there was a letter from Joe Biden asking me to donate $100 dollars to help Hillary Clinton retire her debt. First of all I did not make any pledge to Hillary Clinton.

Earlier this year I donated during Obama’s “one in a million” promotion and I never got my “one in a million” t-shirt. I have been campaigning January for this movement, I have phone banked and gone to two states. I purchased three copies of Obamas books. I did canvassing knocking on hundred of doors, and entered countless data into votebuilder, and made signs. I have been to two rallies and fundraisers, convinced friends and co-workers to vote for the ticket ObamaBiden. I have personally donated almost $1500 that does not include the money I spent traveling and renting hotel rooms and cars. At the end of the campaign I donated $30 to get my “one voice” t-shirt and here it is over one month later and no t-shirt, and personally I don’t think I am going to get one. Friends brag about how they receive t-shirts and autographed pictures from Obama and Michelle, did I receive anything of the sort–no.

So imagine how pissed off I am to open my email and see a letter from the Obama campaign telling me about the pledge they made and asking me for my money. Listen you made the pledge you give her the money. Hillary Clinton and her husband are worth over $100 million I might be worth $65 thousand dollars, who should be helping whom. Obama is making enormous amounts of money from his books he can afford to help Hillary.

Hillary decided to run for president, she knew what was involved and did not plan for it. Even though she was losing and her campaign was running out of money she continued the effort. She claims she loaned her campaign money, personally I don’t know how someone lends themselves money. She was investing in herself and unfortunately it didn’t pay off, that’s how it is sometimes. When my investments fail, no one bails me out, the losses I took when trying to start a small business. She poorly managed her campaign and now I am being asked to reward her, how will she learn the lessons there. She should have suspended her campaign when it became mathematically impossible for her to win. This debt is her responsibility alone. I think it is appalling that a millionaire is asking “common” folk to help them with a debt. How insulting to the hardworking people who donated to this movement, some of us having to endure the insults and injuries Clinton caused with her tactics.

Yes, I know the campaign is over, but I never thought Hillary would be a good president, that’s why I did not support her candidacy and I am not going to fund her debt. I think the fact that she is nominated for Secretary of State is enough sacrifice for me, did you promise her that during the campaign too Obama? I don’t know how she will do considering her record on healthcare and this recent campaign. If I look at those two incidents as her resume I would say she doesn’t manage money well, and she doesn’t have an ability to lead. I think she is good at carrying out a task and I am hoping that’s the reason Obama is nominating her. I think it is nice that Hillary now has to work for him considering all the mess she talked about Obama not being ready to lead. He did tell her during the campaign that he was looking forward to her working for him, so we did see some type of appointment coming. I am not sure I trust Hillary yet and she has to show me more than just being a good campaigner, all of this makes me think she was just campaigning because she had the promise of being Secretary of State. Yes, I understand there are valid reasons for choosing her and they have been cited by the campaign and I agree those reasons are all pros for Hillary, and since she has been trusted with such a delicate and high profile position (not a bad conciliation prize) now she can really prove herself by carrying out Obamas agenda. I think it’s a good idea to have her in a situation where Obama has control, in the senate she would be his nemesis.

Now is the time for her to prove she is a person of integrity and morals by paying off her own debt. This should be a growing process for her; I have a problem with people who crave the spotlight because they are often part of the problem. I am looking forward to the Obama administration and wait to see how it will rise to the many challenges that are dominating the headlines, and those that are not: like education and poverty, racial tension and profiling, the lack of community centers and outreach programs in impoverished neighborhoods. This is what I care about, not some millionaires debt that she brought on herself.

I am sorry Obama, forgiving is good, working together is good, but I also believing in standing for what I believe in. I understand diplomacy and the need for everyone to get along but I have to draw the line here. Maybe you could show me your word is bond by sending my autographed pictures and t-shirt first.

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