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Limbaugh Represents A Particular Kind

There is a kind out there, they are an attractive kind, and many like or love them. It’s the people who listen to Rush, with whom his ranting resonates. They are the Rush kind. Know who else was silent during Limbaugh’s lambasting of Miss Fluke; Sarah Palin had nothing to say about the assault on Miss Fluke. It’s FoxNews, Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly, Joe Scarborough, and Hasselbeck—the hate machine kind. They are fired up against President Obama, and are going to come out to vote against him–I trust they have their state IDs.

The primaries are about finding the “right” person who most resembles Rush, the person who is willing to call President Obama, a “colored uppity negro” or particular slavery slang to his face. It’s about being ignorant, spewing hate speech and religious indignation. The President was accurate in his description when he said they “cling to their guns and religion”, and they will use their guns like with Gabrielle Giffords.

Where some see the bible as a “how to book” for living righteously, I think others might see a how to for “white male supremacy”. It feels like the residue of “white only” drinking fountains press forward with their “American Agenda” and by American-I mean “white Christian male”– a world where the business class rules, and where women are whores, who should wash the feet of men.

Rush is only saying what they believe. When Limbaugh is sitting in his studio saying something crazy, I watch out for the person who agrees with him. They may or may not use the “language” of Limbaugh but you know they understand what Rush is saying. REGISTER; get your ID, AND VOTE.


Jon Stewart is Right and Rachel Maddow Doesn’t Get “It”

OK after reading the commentary around the web, I finally saw the much talked about interview with Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart. It leaves me very sad, and disappointed in “the left”. I think Jon did a great job explaining his intentions and what the rally was. “I could have gotten on the field” he said in trying to show a distinction between himself and real activism. He also did an excellent job explaining his show and what he considers “media”, what leaves me sad is that Rachel just did not get it but stayed stuck on trying to make the “leftie points”. I don’t understand why she didn’t get that Jon’s show is a criticism of news. Jon is saying there is very little journalism going on in cable news, and everything is sensationalized, when there is a real opportunity to do in-depth reporting because they do have twenty-four hours of time to fill. Instead of showing lock-up/lock-down MSNBC could do real investigating , and try something different like exposing corruption as apposed to just mimicking Fox News. I have long complained about the redundancy of the media which Jon referred to as “the relay” and the way the other channels not only became fox-like but are now totally allowing Fox News to write the narrative. The other channels have basically just started covering fox and that is why the country is going to heck, because no matter what the fox agenda gets out. media if you don’t get what Jon is saying then shame on you.

I think what Jon was saying is fox has done a good job of de-legitimizing the media, while wielding a great deal of power themselves. If they report on Fox News that the mainstream media is just out to get them and they turn on MSNBC and all they see are people criticizing fox and calling Glenn Beck crazy and showing clips of reports from Fox News, then what are they to think. Wouldn’t you believe that what Fox was saying may be true? Instead of the other two networks sticking to hard news and facts; they have helped to reinforced fox’s caricature of media. I don’t need the media telling me what to be mad about, I just want the information and I’ll decide if it upsets me. The tea partiers disrupting town hall meetings would have better contrasted if the person delivering the information weren’t also yelling.

I think this problem started during the escalation to the Iraq War, many media sold out to the administration so they could get embedded status. They helped to cover Bush’s lie about “weapons of mass destruction” and they did not cover the anti-war movement in this country. I hardly saw any coverage of the anti-war movement during the Bush years and that was because Bush was able to use homeland security and terrorism as a bludgeon against the people and eventually the media. They had played right into the hands of those who wanted to manipulate the media and essentially helped in their own demise. I have long said the media is the biggest problem facing this country and this interview has reinforced that for me. The reason why it is hard for the media to now paint Bush as a war criminal, is because during the time he was saying that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction every media was running around trying to prove that point, showing chemical labs, and old footage of missiles, and dead Iraqi’s. Instead of talking about the reality of the moment and telling the truth, the media helped promote the war idea.

I remember exactly when the spell of the right wing broke for the media it was the interview with Bill Clinton and Chris Wallace on Fox News. Bill Clinton stood up to the media that day and shortly after Keith Olberman gave a “special comment”, but the journalism didn’t return to the media, commentary became the norm, narratives and opinions, the us vs. them argument only gained reinforcement and in that melee real journalism died. The media became self centered celebrity driven and angry. That is where I believe we are today, and this interview with Jon Stewart crystallizes everything that is wrong with the media. Rachel—it’s not about you, Jon is a comedian and you are part of the media, your job is to deliver facts and the truth, and no Rachel, you don’t have to yell it. Jon’s job is to make us laugh and lately he has been making us laugh at the media.

Is This America Now? Rand Paul Supporter Assaults Protester

Let us review this video, and take in the entire incident—there is more than one guilty party here. The guy that threw Lauren Valle to the ground should also be in trouble. Only the one who put his foot on her neck/shoulder is getting all the attention and hopefully a prosecution and not including the guy who threw her to the ground, this person also committed some serious violations in the way he was manhandling her. What right did they have to detain or restrain her?

Tim Profitt clearly had intent to do harm by applying the extra force and he also tried to cover it up when he realized people were watching by yelling “stay down”, Ms. Valle hadn’t moved since being thrown to ground except trying to protect her face and head. This guy was a campaign coordinator–he should know better, Ms. Valle is someone they already saw around town and knew was harmless. Let us call these people what they are “radicals”. Someone should do some time and pay some fines here, and if I was Ms. Valle I would sue the Rand Paul campaign.

I am extremely disturbed by this video, because we encountered a similar vibe while at the “Glenn Beck rally on September 28″ when someone showed up with an anti-beck sign—they were ready to go crazy. They have a way of taunting people and saying things they know are clearly racist and confrontational. If this is just swept away as if nothing it will be a real commentary on where we are as a nation. We have to put these people in the proper context-they are confrontational and violent– these people basically assaulted a woman simply for exercising her freedom of speech. It makes me think of the “god hates fags” signs that parade outside the funeral of soldiers — that these people feel those signs are protected but Lauren Valle‘s work was not.

I think of the clashes during the civil rights era and I am afraid that’s what these people want to take our country back to– the days of dogs and fire hoses. This is a direct result of what we see happening on fox “news”–when are we going to condemn the speech of the Fox News Propaganda machine as what it really is, incite-full hate speech—the fuel that is driving this ignorant engine. O’Reilly said we have a “Muslim problem” and Hitler had a “Jewish problem” we know what is happening we have seen it before. We have been seeing it for years and ignoring it–the abortion clinic bombings and shootings, the militias stockpiling weapons. Why are they allowed to do this when we know these people have a propensity for violence? This isn’t new, but now we have a black president and that is obviously the final straw. I am afraid some of these people who are now running for office might even be sleeper agents who are simply trying to get closer to the president to maybe try and “take him out”, who knows. One of them could decide they want to be a martyr for the cause. Michele Bachman, Sharon Angle, and Sarah Palin have already talked about reloading, targeting people, and second amendment remedies.

We are thankful that Ms. Valle is alright but I dread to think what could have happened if someone had not stepped in and stopped this mob of extremists, let’s stop this before it gets too far. We are entering a dangerous time let us not be oblivious to what is brewing because it’s not tea.


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