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This is political and social commentary and just my opinions; a compilation of Status Updates as broadcasted on Facebook from my personal page “Pollitikat Comments”. A documentation of current events, a critique on American Politics and Society and my version of Art. Some might call them brain farts but these are deep thoughts — Yes, I consider myself an analyst, philosopher and artist. This is an urban review from a concerned immigrant who has adopted the United States as home. A really fun book, not overly serious and should be consider light comedy. Hopefully there is something in it that will make you laugh, make you think, you might find pain, some misunderstanding, even get angry — and maybe there is one thing in here you will agree with. The purpose is to share these dynamic posts with a new audience, folks who have never been on Facebook or have never seen a comment from Pollitikat – as well as offering another viewpoint on some of the critical issues facing America. For those who follow me online — it’s your favorite posts in book form so you can share with your friends and family, and for everyone it is an opportunity to start discussions of your own.
“Do I think I am smart, yes—do I think I know it all? I know that no matter how much I think I know I only know one thing and that is–I know nothing.” — Pollitikat Comments

Unchain Me Django

1a django picWhen I hear about a controversial movie featuring Kerry Washington, Jamie Fox, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel Jackson, and Christoph Waltz (from Inglorious Bastards) I am intrigued. So I went to see Django Unchained because I wanted to know the truth about this movie. I don’t frequent the movies, mainly because I often fall asleep and I usually have to see a movie twice before I can fully grasp all it has to offer both in cinematography and storytelling. However, if you have seen a Tarantino movie there are some things you can expect like profanity and violence (plenty of blood and maybe some guts), this movie does not stray from the Tarantino formula in that sense.

Django opens like a typical Western with a sunny mountain vista except there are slaves in the shot and we are introduced to the world of Django. Some are complaining about the graphic violence in this movie, it certainly was not more violent than Kill Bill or Grindhouse, but I think I understand. Leonardo DiCaprios Candie as the white slaver, the hot box, metal masks, brandings and lashings are moments when the film forces the audience to confront the reality of chattel slavery. It is difficult to contend with the juxtaposition of the harsh brutality inflicted on Africans during slavery which was the norm and how modern liberal white America wants to be seen. I mean it is Tarantino and not Spike Lee, so I get the feeling white America expects Tarantino to paint them more favorably. There was a lot of vengeance being dished out but it is hard to say some of it wasn’t warranted or without provocation from Monsieur Candieland, or that it came solely from Django. There was a certain form of justice taken against Hilde by Stephen, there is a scene when Monsieur CandieLand is going to lose some “fight stock” where he unleashed some serious vengeance; and let’s not forget Mr. Shultz.

Is Django is a love story? In the traditional sense yes, Django is driven by a love for his lady but it is difficult to see how he embarks on his quest without the assistance from Dr. Shultz, the German Bounty Hunter who is hardly talked about but plays a main character. Mr. Shultz feelings about slavery are clear but can we say he embodies humanity? He had a lot in common with Monsieur CandieLand. For those who say there were black people who owned slaves, this movie points out some blacks became slave owners to free their family members and that being a black slaver was nothing to brag about.

Jamie Fox is very believable as Django, Kerry Washington delivers as expected, DiCaprio was convincing; but Samuel Jackson and Christoph Waltz gave stellar performances. Samuel is an actor who has defied all the stereotypes of Hollywood, I just saw him as Director Fury in The Avengers, and now here he is as House Negro Stephen in Django. I would say that showed range but if you take away all the special effects they are essentially the same character—even though Jackson makes them feel different. It is clear when Hollywood wants a Powerful Black Man they call Mr. Jackson.

Let me finish by saying the only thing offensive about Django was Tarantino’s cameo, he should definitely leave the acting to the professionals. As for the use of the “N-word” I thought it was appropriate for the time period in which the movie was set and lent credibility to the film. I don’t understand the objection to the movie based on the use of the “N-word”, especially if you haven’t seen it. I have no doubt this is satire asking us to find the humor amidst evil and mayhem. I liked it and give it a thumbs-up.

While Django is a great movie, it is fiction and not an attempt to accurately chronicle heroic Africans during the time of slavery; it is not Crispus Attucks, Dred Scott, or Nat Turner, those movies should still be made– and if the Wayans Brothers can get funding and distribution for every brain fart they call a movie, a more noted film maker should be able to get funding to produce a movie about Nat Turner.

Teapartiers Boycott Shops Today, The Anti-Teaparty Plan

There is strong opposition out there in the form of the Teaparty Movement.  In case you didnt know today the Teapartiers are planning a huge boycott commemorating Obamas inauguration.  As we can see the Republicans know political strategy and can apply it more effectively than the Democrats.
Nationwide Teapartier Counter-Boycott 
The Teaparty movement is planning a “National Day of Strike” to “financially cripple” the companies across America who they feel are “backing the leftist agenda” and “funding socialism.”

This essentially means boycotting any business that either advertises on CNN or MSNBC or which has contributed to or otherwise aided a democrat.

Well, the Teabusters can also play that game: Here’s the plan

STEP 1: During the week of January 20th, save any non-emergency shopping (i.e. Gas, Groceries, Supplies, etc) for January 20th in order to help negate the effects of whatever “boycott” the Teapartiers are planning.

STEP 2: Write anti-teaparty slogans in RED INK on dollar bills and use (or otherwise distribute) them. Black or any other color ink is fine too- it’s just that red ink is the most noticeable.

Contrary to popular belief, writing messages on a dollar bill is NOT A CRIME. It’s only a crime if the intent is to commit fraud by obscuring or altering the bill’s value.

Click below for the actual federal statute (notice the word “fraudulently”):

Here’s the thought behind this strategy:

1- A dollar bill is a virtually indestructible piece of paper; not only because it can survive stresses such as laundry cycles, but also because few people will ever consciously decide to destroy a dollar bill

2- A dollar bill passes indiscriminately among everybody in society, regardless of race, age, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

3- Dollar bills with messages written on them travel fast because people who find them tend to hastily pass them off to someone else (like bad pennies) because they falsely believe that dollar bills with writing on them are worthless. They’re not. But even if they were, it’s only one dollar.

4- You are essentially hijacking the government’s life force in order to overtly pass messages.

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