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OCCUPY MOVEMENT should change its name to the “99% MOVEMENT”. “The 99% Movement” sounds more inclusive; it broadens the pool of potential participants and makes it easier for those who are not comfortable with protest to join. “OCCUPY” has come to represent “showdown with police” and the message of the 99% is lost due to all the negative coverage of those trying to sleep in parks. This turns off a great deal of people who would like to get involved but don’t want the clash with the police. The sleeping over in parks should end. The “99% Movement” can conduct a huge VOTER INFORMATION CAMPAIGN to occupy the polls and vote on Election Day. Since many groups are feeling apprehensive about conducting voter registration drives the “99% Movement” can be a way for progressive organizations to come together under one umbrella and have “voter information drives” all over the country just handing out registration applications encouraging self-registration and helping people get the required identification to vote on election day. Not saying this will answer the question as to why Americans won’t vote but just an idea.

“Take America Back To The Future”

I saw a sign from the rally on Saturday that resonated with me; it states exactly what I feel about the country right now and how important this election is for America as a nation. I have always felt the country had a very short memory, but why don’t people remember? So here is my written version of what I remember in the past thirty years since I have been following politics. Remember that it was Reagan a Republican who left Clinton a deficit. Remember we had a banking scandal under the first George Bush a Republican. Remember Bush2 lied about weapons of mass destruction and the Republicans and media went along with the lie, and remember people are still DYING as a consequence of that lie. Remember they impeached Clinton, but would not consider investigating Bush. Remember they outsourced our jobs and our government and our military. Remember Halliburton, and Blackwater. Remember Watergate, and the government shutdown in 1995. Remember how Republicans bash government but still want to be a part of it, remember that many of them have been a part of it for many years, like Boehner and McCain, remember how corrupt they are, remember that McCain chose Palin as his VP Candidate, and most of all remember the Tea Party and Republicans were SILENT during all of this! REMEMBER THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR OBAMA – and the Republicans and Tea Party have spent the past two years saying he is not legitimate, disrespecting your vote, as if only their vote counts. Remember they are not respecting your love for this country or the democratic process. Remember they did it during the war, if you weren’t for the war; you hated America, now if you don’t believe Obama is a socialist Muslim born in Kenya then you don’t love America.

Remember that for some the vote was not given but fought for, like women. Remember the civil war ended in the 1800’s but Jim Crowe ended in 1964. Remember what the founding fathers wrote, that America is not and will not be perfect but we should strive towards a more perfect union. Remember the Tea Party and Republicans think America is perfect, remember they want to dismantle the current Constitution and go back to the Constitution of the 1700s. Remember this is the millennium. Remember the contradictions in their argument. VOTE, NOV. 2, 2010 “Take America back to the future”

Uplifting Day

This day turned out to be as typical as it was unusual. It started out with my train going out of service three stops from where I got on and I had to go about fifteen more stops. As we all unloaded onto the narrow platform I thought about being late for work and positioning myself near the door to ensure that I would be able to get on the train. Well when the train came I got on and got a seat, my day was taking a twist because on the last train I was standing. I sat down and closed my eyes and started to doze off.

When I opened my eyes I was underground and standing before me was a lady wearing an Obama button. It was just a round blue background with “OBAMA” typed across it. I was shocked and I couldn’t hold back the smile. I glanced around the train to see if I saw anymore Obama buttons, this was unusual for me because I don’t usually see politics paraphernalia on the subway and I live in New York. Here only business is on the mind, and we trek to work in a daily grind without even noticing. You would think with our reputation we would be more expressive, breaking out their “Obama” signs all over the place, but I had never seen anyone else since the primaries or even before wearing any kind of political signage on the subway.

Well anyway, I kept staring at her button and smiling, then the person next to me got up and I scooted over to ensure she would get the seat. Now she an older white lady, and me a younger African-Jamaican, were supporting the same candidate. I said to her “you know, you’re the first person I’ve seen wearing an Obama button,” she said “really” and then the young lady setting beside her leaned over and joined in saying “yeah, I was going to ask you where you got it” I couldn’t help but chuckle inside. I showed them my shirt that I brought for a co-worker and we commenced to discuss all the activities around town that will be showing support for Obama over the weekend, making signs and buttons. Turns out the button lady will be in Philadelphia on the 20th and I will be going down on the 19th. We were both so excited to have a candidate who was bringing out the positive in people.

I felt so uplifted after this encounter I could not wait to write and share it with you, but those of you in here already know what Obama is doing in America and around the world. He is bringing strangers, cultures and genders together. After this experience on the train I went to work and found that my sign and my buttons I order last week arrived. I smiled again, another Obama influenced moment. I put my sign up at my desk and handed out the buttons that I bought for my co-workers. They were very excited to get their “Obama stuff”. As I have written before I am not an American so I cannot vote in the upcoming general election. I really do not have any regrets because I know I am trying my best to do my part and influence as many votes as possible.

This is my support for Obama, by promoting his values, and blueprint for change, getting people excited and on board with this movement.

Tomorrow I will call Fred an older white man that I met while standing on line getting lunch one day, he told me he liked my button and said he wanted a button, I tried to direct him to the internet but he brushed that off. It was then that I realized many older people who support Obama are not comfortable with the new technology so it is up to the younger generation to help them get their information and “stuff”. I told Fred I would get him a button. I called him today but he only comes in on Wednesdays, imagine that. I can’t wait to call him tomorrow and give him his button. Then I came home and wrote this blog and I am just smiling as I write it. Thanks Obama, for allowing us to be free again, to not be afraid to talk to each other.

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