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Limbaugh Represents A Particular Kind

There is a kind out there, they are an attractive kind, and many like or love them. It’s the people who listen to Rush, with whom his ranting resonates. They are the Rush kind. Know who else was silent during Limbaugh’s lambasting of Miss Fluke; Sarah Palin had nothing to say about the assault on Miss Fluke. It’s FoxNews, Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly, Joe Scarborough, and Hasselbeck—the hate machine kind. They are fired up against President Obama, and are going to come out to vote against him–I trust they have their state IDs.

The primaries are about finding the “right” person who most resembles Rush, the person who is willing to call President Obama, a “colored uppity negro” or particular slavery slang to his face. It’s about being ignorant, spewing hate speech and religious indignation. The President was accurate in his description when he said they “cling to their guns and religion”, and they will use their guns like with Gabrielle Giffords.

Where some see the bible as a “how to book” for living righteously, I think others might see a how to for “white male supremacy”. It feels like the residue of “white only” drinking fountains press forward with their “American Agenda” and by American-I mean “white Christian male”– a world where the business class rules, and where women are whores, who should wash the feet of men.

Rush is only saying what they believe. When Limbaugh is sitting in his studio saying something crazy, I watch out for the person who agrees with him. They may or may not use the “language” of Limbaugh but you know they understand what Rush is saying. REGISTER; get your ID, AND VOTE.


“Take America Back To The Future”

I saw a sign from the rally on Saturday that resonated with me; it states exactly what I feel about the country right now and how important this election is for America as a nation. I have always felt the country had a very short memory, but why don’t people remember? So here is my written version of what I remember in the past thirty years since I have been following politics. Remember that it was Reagan a Republican who left Clinton a deficit. Remember we had a banking scandal under the first George Bush a Republican. Remember Bush2 lied about weapons of mass destruction and the Republicans and media went along with the lie, and remember people are still DYING as a consequence of that lie. Remember they impeached Clinton, but would not consider investigating Bush. Remember they outsourced our jobs and our government and our military. Remember Halliburton, and Blackwater. Remember Watergate, and the government shutdown in 1995. Remember how Republicans bash government but still want to be a part of it, remember that many of them have been a part of it for many years, like Boehner and McCain, remember how corrupt they are, remember that McCain chose Palin as his VP Candidate, and most of all remember the Tea Party and Republicans were SILENT during all of this! REMEMBER THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR OBAMA – and the Republicans and Tea Party have spent the past two years saying he is not legitimate, disrespecting your vote, as if only their vote counts. Remember they are not respecting your love for this country or the democratic process. Remember they did it during the war, if you weren’t for the war; you hated America, now if you don’t believe Obama is a socialist Muslim born in Kenya then you don’t love America.

Remember that for some the vote was not given but fought for, like women. Remember the civil war ended in the 1800’s but Jim Crowe ended in 1964. Remember what the founding fathers wrote, that America is not and will not be perfect but we should strive towards a more perfect union. Remember the Tea Party and Republicans think America is perfect, remember they want to dismantle the current Constitution and go back to the Constitution of the 1700s. Remember this is the millennium. Remember the contradictions in their argument. VOTE, NOV. 2, 2010 “Take America back to the future”

A Healthcare Amendment? My Response To Keith Olberman Special Comment

Another day in the fight for healthcare reform. This has been a fascinating debate but I agree with Obama we have been talking about healthcare for years, but for the first time I think something is going to get done. What that is I am not sure. I just hope whatever it is leads to Universal Healthcare; because I don’t think we are going to get that on the first try. We have to get a public option though because that is the only path to Universal Healthcare. It’s not going to kick in until 2016 we need to put pressure to make the changes take effect sooner. No one is talking about it but I think the timeline for the implementation of this bill are too way off. Particularly because of the timeline, anything less than a bill with a public option to me would be a real failure because in a sense we would still be at square one.

I watched Keith Olberman Special commentary on healthcare reform last night and I think the hour would have been better if Keith had on a panel of doctors and let them explain what they have to deal with behind the scene with health insurance companies, let them talk about some of the remedies, I don’t know that Keith reached anyone other than his usual audience with his special comment. There were so many other ways to utilize that hour, maybe visiting clinics, or getting some of those people from the town hall meetings that were shouting and letting them tell their stories. I don’t know I love Keith and am an avid viewer but I think he did nothing to further the debate.

healthcare reform requires a constitutional amendment, the preamble supports it when it speaks of promoting the general welfare, and healthcare has to do with the general welfare of our country and people. Part of the reason why we are having such a hard time getting real changes on healthcare is because people do not think it is a constitutional right. I think it is time for another constitutional amendment. The great thing about the constitution is that the founding fathers made a way for this document to be corrected and include whatever they left out. We have already amended the constitution twenty-eight time to cover such things as amendment (17) senatorial elections, (8) abolish slavery, (2) the right to bear arms, (22) term limit the presidency. The last time we changed it was in 1992 amendment twenty-eight, to deal with the wages of congress. Why can’t we change the constitution to make healthcare a right for all Americans and legal residents. Take the poll.

I do like the idea of having the health clinics, but it should not just be in the senators who are voting against it. It should be in as many states as possible because people are lacking healthcare everywhere. Maybe it could be an alternative to the non-bill that might come out of congress. Maybe we can link together and contribute across the country to make it happen. We can call it community sponsored healthcare, it would include gym memberships, nutritionist visit, and herbalists, and routine checkups. It would offer coupons from franchises, and athletic brands to help people purchase bikes, skates, protective gear, etc. It would sponsor neighborhood sports teams and activities. It would hand out free smoking patches and condoms. Is there somewhere like this already? It would be a non-for-profit, and even get some government funding. I don’t know just throwing things out there. If the government won’t give us Universal Healthcare maybe we can give it to ourselves.

This commercial captures Congressman Grayson’s current comments about the Republican Healthcare plan of just don’t get sick. Clearly it is not an option:

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