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“Negro”, Please-More Whites Should Be Like Harry Reid

The big ruckus seems to be over Harry Reid using the word “Negro” in the term “negro dialect”. I think it would be a serious double standard for African Americans to take issue with the use of the word negro since we still have the United negro College Fund, I wondered why the NAACP was still using the word colored which I find way more offensive than negro, but if the NAACP didn’t see a need to change it then I won’t argue. I think what is going on here is a case of entitlement by the republicans. They decided that this was a racist statement and now the media is picking up on it. Harry Reid was addressing Obama prospects with certain sectors of the white demography. I am sure Obama being light skinned helped some white voters push the button for him, and truth be told it probably made some African Americans more enthusiastic. Being a darker skinned person I am familiar with this, more favorable treatment or feeling toward lighter skinned people. He did not call Obama a Negro, he called him a “light skinned African American”–what’s wrong with that, and he is he? Sen. Reid is seventy years old he is a man from a different time but he did use the “politically correct term”. Republicans and their supporters can say Obama is a socialist and pushing a socialist agenda, carry posters of Obama as a monkey or caveman, but Harry Reid can’t say he is a light skinned African American.

Sen. Reid said Obama did not exhibit a “negro dialect” which I am guessing it might mean Obama didn’t have an accent, he didn’t sound southern, like a pastor, or spoke slang—“unless he wanted to”, what’s wrong with that? I think he was saying Obama would be palatable in many demographics. Harry Reid was showing Obamas potential versatility and broad appeal.

Harry Reid should be praised for using the language he did, I could think of many other in-artful words he could have put in there. We learned something about Harry Reid’s character; we learn that he is not saying one thing in public and something else behind closed doors when it comes to matters of “race”. If this is the worst that comes out of Harry Reid‘s mouth when he thinks it’s not going to be repeated it then I wish more whites were like Harry Reid. This statement showed that Harry Reid is not racist or prejudice and that he understood the times politically and socially and was ready to take a leap of faith to move the country forward on both. Harry Reid truly believed that Obama could get elected.

Harry Reid was correct in his support for Obama and in his statements about Obama possibilities of getting elected. I think whites are offended by Harry Reid’s statement because it is really a reflection of the mentality of some whites, exposing their prejudices. Harry Reid was candid in his statements and it is a truth that many people agreed with. I would add to Harry’s statement that Obama did not have any roots in American slavery and was seen not as a descendant from slaves but as the son of an immigrant, an experience many white Americans share and can relate to.

I don’t think Harry Reid needs to apologize for anything that has been released by the book, as he said that election was a proud moment in his life and these comments proved he conducted himself honorably.

Once again the republicans have used the media to do their dirty work, taking something positive and saying it’s negative. How many times are we going to allow this re-interpretation? By the way doesn’t Michael Steele try to talk in a “negro dialect” he claims to reach more African Americans. Lol. Thinking of his blog “What Up” and Michelle Bachman telling him “you be da man”.

As for the comments attributed to Bill Clinton I have to say I am not surprised, I do remember in the campaign that he made a statement implying that Hillary and John McCain were the only ones who “loved the country”. Do I think bill Clinton is prejudice, no– but I think bill Clinton knows there is a segment of the country that is and he played the race card because it’s one of the aces in the American political deck. Harry Reid is not like bill Clinton.

The stuff I find most revealing is the information about the Edwards. I supported the candidacy of john Edwards and advocated for him and Obama to form an alliance possibly running on the same ticket. How disastrous that would have been for the country. The statements Elizabeth Edwards made about healthcare showed extreme insensitivity for someone in her position and couldn’t her and john afford to buy their own healthcare. I am even more thankful to the citizens of Iowa and the early primaries that sorted that out for us.

As for the “bombshells” about the McCain campaign there was hardly any there, just a confirmation of what we already knew; John McCain didn’t give a darn about the country and Sarah Palin was a ditz. It wasn’t that Sarah Palin was a woman and she had children but that was how the republican framed the argument made by those opposing Sarah Palin. My feeling has always been that Sarah needed to tend to her children. Remember the reason her son went to the military was to avoid jail, and her teenage daughter was pregnant. Her views were radical; she abused the powers of her office (check out my piece “Making the Case Against John McCain“)

This is another example of the republicans exploiting the media and the idiot media allowing themselves to be manipulated. The information about Sarah Palin is far more damaging than Reid’s verbiage, but yet the dominating story has been this non-controversy stirred up by the republicans to deflect attention from the fact that the republicans, Fox News news, and John McCain are liars. John McCain kept saying Sarah Palin was qualified to be vice president when behind the scenes his campaign scrambled to teach her basic geography and history. If John McCain was more like Harry Reid he would not have put the country at risk the way he did by nominating Sarah for vice presidency.

This book is an indictment of the media, and I think it is sad that people who call themselves journalists withhold pertinent information during a major election in order to make money later from a book. When it’s done this way, it does feel a tinge like gossip. It feels like all the journalists want to be famous, they want fans, they want to be recognized, they are celebrity hawks craving the glossy spotlight. While I appreciate the writers presenting this, it would have been more valuable to me in 2008. We rely on the media to be our filter between presentation and reality; it doesn’t help when the “media” is part of the deception.

Even the so called liberal media CNN, MSNBC while they picked apart the Obama campaign running after every bone tossed out by Fox News news–they gave a pass to the McCain/Palin campaign even inflating the numbers of their crowds. They took their lead from Fox News news and continue to do that today. It has gotten so bad that instead of covering politics the so called liberal media has resorted to just covering FOX NEWS, and then we wonder why the republican agenda always gets traction—they are getting free media everywhere. The crossfire format adopted by news shows has not helped the debate, each side gets to present their own facts and the anchor is a moderator instead of a reporter/journalist. The American Media is disgraceful; they continue to wallow in the pit of partisan debauchery being zigged and zagged in any direction by the hypocritical republicans. Is it coordinated or is the media really as stupid as they seem.

We see this pattern again and again, people forfeiting their responsibility in order to cash in on a book. Dick Clark did it, George Tenant, Scott McClellan—it has to stop. My recommendation is not to buy this book, have already purchased it pass it on to someone who wants to read it. When we buy these books we condone this behavior and why should we help make them rich—they didn’t help us.

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C-SPAN & PBS Is The New Main Stream Media

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE turn off CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC. These so called media are a joke. Particulary MSNBC. I know that we have had an affinity for that channel because we feel that they may be a little bit more toward the opinion we want to hear, but I am convinced those guys only like hearing themselves talk. Lest we forget this is the same media that crowned George Bush, the same media that became tools of the Bush Administration, beating the drum for war, bargaining our childrens lives for exclusive em-bed. Remember the em-bed reporters who were supposed to covering the war. Yes the war was big business for those who conspired and those who exploited. Look at the news these days. How many familiar faces do we see. These people are all new faces, and remember they all advanced during the marketing of the war. We cannot and should not trust them. Remember what happened to Dan Rather, Bill Maher, and who became popular, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. Hannity was just some obscure Loud mouth on MSNBC. Now we trust MSNBC.

The media’s lack of overage of these conventions are a betrayal of the American people. The people who litterally put the money in their pockets. The media pimps the public, luring us in with promises of being fair, and balance, honest and the only place for politics. They use our viewership to extort money from corporations for advertisement. We feed them. This is the most important election of our time and the media is not even covering the biggest event in that election. The Convention. I remember when every channel carried the conventions, it was the one time every four years along with the olympics when we as Americans understood that our television programming would be interrupted, and we reluctantly tuned in and in the end was glad we did. It was great to get the feeling of what what happening in our country and government and see the different politicians and listen for something familiar and important to our story. The American people are being denied this opportunity. ABC, CBS, NBC are only carring one hour of coverage. With all the money these people make and the fact that it is summer programming everything is a repeat what is wrong with some REALITY-TV, like the Democratic convention.

MSNBC, FOX, CNN claim to be covering it but yet all I see when I tune in are the same pundants giving their opinions. Who care what they think, this is about the American people, give us a chance to hear the convention so we can make up our minds. We dont even get the hear the speaker who dont fall into their narrative of the “clinton-obama”. The media has decided that John McCain should be the next president because everything they do give him the advantage. This is a time when Obama and the Democratic party can introduce his story, and the parties plan for America, and the public is not getting a chance to hear it. We hear the pundants every day.

It is clear the media is only interested in becomming celebrities. I remember when the only celebrity news was Entertainment Tonight. PLEASE, PLEASE TURN THESE GUYS OFF. They are now exploiting and fabricating this rift with the Democratic Party, causing further friction between those who may not understand the business end of things in the media. At least we know where FOX is comming from, but MSNBC is only a bumbling bunch of talking heads yapping, and listening to their own echoes. As much as I appreciate their opinions I would have rather watched the convention and listen to their opinions after. I remember when CNN was reputable, but now they seem a little confused, not knowing whether to be a real news channel or a opinion channel like the other cable networks. With everything thats going on why am I watching five hours of pundantry. Since when did the newspaper reporter become the “expert opinion” for the television reporter. What happened to real jounalism. What is going on with the media is the next big con being perpetrated on the American people, that we have anything resembling a free press is an outright lie. How many times do we have to watch the awkward moments between guests and pundant when the guest doesnt fit with the narrative. How many times are we going to watch them dig up the two people in the room that doesnt support Obama. What is James Carville, and Pat Buchanan still doing on tv. The media have lied to us during this entire election.

Remember they crowned Hillary Clinton the winner before people even started voting. Remeber those days of Hillary “the presumptive democratic nominee”. They were shocked that Iowa night, they werent able to predict that win and have been trying to get a handle on the election ever since. The media’s biased coverage of that Iowa win is what gave Hillary her victory in New Hampshire. They were terrified of the prospect of not having the Hillary Clinton in the campaign because she is good for business, this is played out by their obsessive coverage of the so called “clinton-obama” rift.

CSPAN provides the public complete convention coverage including the films, from the time the doors open at 5pm. The coverage is unfiltered leaving room for your own opinion. PBS covers the convention from 8 till the end, though there is some commentary, it is usually show speeches and only talk during musical interludes. Lets not give the so called main stream media any more viewship. CSPAN is currently showing the lobby of the Denver Grand Hyatt, backstage stuff. They also show some of the different venues that take place during the convention. Lets make CSPAN and PBS the new main stream media. We have to demand that the media respect the public, and since this is a free market and we are the consumers, let stop consuming.

Is Hillary an American? Holding the Media Accountable

By The Pollitikat – May 1st, 2008 at 7:32 am EDT on Obama’s blog

I was offended when Oreilly asked Hillary “what is an American?” and she did not defend freedom of speech. Another moment for her to be magnanimus and she decides to try to win the white house by way of gutter. She would have walked out of Rev Wrights church but she voted for the war in Iraq following Bush and the republicans into an unjust and illegal war. She continued to vote for funding of the war and voted in favor of resolution declaring Irans army as a terrorist group. This woman is clearly a warmonger and will continue to devide the american people the way she is now attempting to divide the Democratic party. She is a danger to the world, and should not be allowed near any sort of weapon of mass destruction much less the precious lives of our men and women serving the country in honor through the military.
My idea of an American is someone who loves America despite her flaws. The first amendment belongs to every american and every person within her boundaries, even those who may not agree with her policies. The issue with Rev. Wright is the media and its ability to control the conversation instead of reporting information. It is the media that decides not to properly cover the Hillary Clinton campaign. It is the media in this country, the most corrupt and censored media in the world that refuses to bring forward the questions surrounding the Clintons and their business dealings. She is allowed to just laugh off any question she does not want to answer. I find it odd that at her town hall no question arise that are unfavorable to her. Is the media leaving those out or is her audience questions pre-determined like a Bush press conference.
Hillary has made some very inflamatory statements since this election. Would an american try to incite one segment of the country against another. First she was whining about the media even though she got the majority of the coverage. She successfully convinced the media that she wasn’t being treated fairly and was the only one getting the tough questions, or the first questions. Now she is trying to paint Obamas pastor as an angry militant. She can lie about her experience and be caught on video tape, she can be recorded making conflicting comments, but the issue is flagpins and Rev. Wright. It is the media that deserves the outrage. Whatever they decide is going to be news is news, we watch them bully people and by tuning in we give them more power.
It was the media that hyped the Monica Lewinsky controversy, the media that convinced us that Bush won the 2000 election, it was the media that sold the concept of the Iraq war and weapons of mass destruction. The media stopped covering the war. The media refused to fairly cover the other candidates. The media that presumed Hillary the democratic nominee. The media fabricated the Rev. Wright story and they got the result they were demanding from day one. Obama denounced his pastor, allowing the media to freely ridicule the man as seen on Colbert last night. Now today the media decided that this story is no longer important, and that Obama has successfully put it behind him, because they say so. The true impact will be determined on election day, and days after as it permeates and people start to talk more about it. I dont think it will go away, it has been stoked too much and will have a political impact in one way or the other. There will be a backlass either against the media, or one of the candidates.
The fact that there is no real truthful media in this country is depressing, you cant find the truth in our media. The media has their own statistics and agenda that they follow. They know the education level of their audience, they know our habits, and they know how to manipulate. The role of the media in the recent events in our history has been more significant than at any other time. I mean the media actually became a tool of the White House. The media allowed themselves to be used in stunts by the White House. The media allowed themselves to be dictated to by the Administration. There is no journalism in the media, they are all pundants.
No one has to leave their glass desk. I love Keith Olberman, but now Im concerned for his health. I thought reporters walked the beat to get the story, they went to talk to sources. Nowadays interviews are conducted by cell phone and satellite, and research by You-Tube. I am disapointed in Hillary for trying to play the racism fear card, but Im outraged at the media for trying to control this election.

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