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Bill Moyers “The Treason Of The Senate”

My response to posting on Dailykos,  ” The Treason of the Senate: Bill Moyers explains who really owns America”

Bill Maher talked about it on his show Friday. Some of the founding fathers felt the senate was not necessary and only the house was needed because it was more representative.

It is so funny that you posted this blog today because I was just pondering doing a blog about what we are seeing in our time. I think we are really witnessing the collapse of a great empire. This diary has articulated what I have been debating with friends and co-workers about for years. This diary touched me to the core because it is so difficult trying to explain to people that slavery is not dead just transformed. I have already blogged about the work week, and how the American lifestyle is not conducive to a healthy family, because parents are taken away from the home chasing the American dream.

Whether working for a prestigious hospital chain or a major corporation, I could not shake the feeling of being on a plantation. I could not stop thinking about the time I was spending away from home and how it was hurting me and my family. I knew I was missing out on crucial time with my daughter, and had less time for self reflection and development.

I just worked for a major fortune five hundred company. A company that made billions of dollars per year but we did not have a place to hang our coats. When I complained they wheeled out a steel closet that could hold about five coats for an office of about one hundred people. I was the only one who thought something was wrong with that.

The problem is that many of the union leadership have also sold out to the corporations and have grown accustomed to the glamour and glitzy side of politics and have forgotten the people they were elected to represent.

I have been contemplating whether is should put up some of my writings while I was working for this major corporation. Some of the grievances I have had to file while in their enslavement. This diary has assisted in making that decision.

Thanks for the diary


Read DailyKos Diary:

A Child Shall Lead Them

Severn Cullis-Suzuki from Vancouver Speaks on environmental and world issues to the United Nations. Severn is about thirty years old now and a world renowned environmental activist, it’s in the genes her father is also an environmentalist. This speech was given in 1992 at the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Severn was twelve years old, her words are more urgent when heard in today’s context and are as relevant today as they were seventeen years ago. Technology was different then and so were the characters George H. Bush was president we were just coming out of a war, Tyson and Noriega went to jail, and the Irish were still terrorizing Londoners.

Oh wait Bush’s son became president we are hoping to end a war; Tyson and Noriega are both out and back on the public stage. Well at least the Londoners aren’t still getting bombed since they stopped meddling in Irish affairs. Oh wait yes, they are still getting bomb, just not by the Irish and now so are we. I hope it’s not too late to save ourselves, but so much time has passed since Severn spoke and we are debating the same issues. In her speech Severn outlines the problems and a possible solution. Her speech is on behalf of an environmental group but she covers hunger, the underclass, consumption, war and greed all the things capitalism thrives on.

This video is making the rounds again, and I can understand why, worth listening to and posting.

South Of The Border–Documentary by Oliver Stone

The movie trailer speaks for itself, but I will just add that we have to start holding the media in US accountable. They often tout themselves as free, fair, balance, trusted, and presenting the facts but yet they engage in propaganda. They have no desire to serve the interest of the public. The great film maker Oliver Stone has a new documentary on the political aspirations of countries in South America and the Caribbean. The movie profiles “axis of evil” member Hugo Chavez among seven other leaders from the region.

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