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Taking Obama’s advice and sharing my story—–I went to my mailbox today and in there was a letter from Joe Biden asking me to donate $100 dollars to help Hillary Clinton retire her debt. First of all I did not … Continue reading

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Peggy Noonan is Jealous of Obama

I have heard about Peggy Noonan for a very long time. I may have read the wall street journal once so I was not familiar with her views. I understand that she wrote speeches for Ronald Reagan, and I remember … Continue reading

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"John McCain is the most wonderful, thoughtful, bravest, caring maverick, aaaah, man I know."

I didn’t know skirting around, and showing zero understanding of the issues means qualified to be president. I mean the woman recited from her “memory cards”. I thought Sarah was terrible, she didn’t answer any of the question and the … Continue reading

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The Flag Pin

I am so moved by the fact that Obama has chosen to wear the “flag pin”. I am one that did not feel it necessary for him to prove his patriotism, but I understand that someone gave him that pin and he has worn it ever since. By this little gesture he is doing two things honoring the family that gave him the pin and reaching out to those who feel this gesture is important and could influence their vote. I do not see any other politician wearing the flag pin but Obama has to wear it because he is black, it was as simple as that for me. But I see in this gesture a very thoughtful, caring, decent man.

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Obama Ready To Debate McCain

I have been following the blog for a few days and I just want to pass greetings on to everyone. For everyone who has been questioning the strategy of the campaign, the decision by Barack not to answer John McCain … Continue reading

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Black President

I have been irate about that fact since the beginning of the campaign Hillary has been exploiting the female vote. She is urging women to vote for her because she is a woman but Obama could never say vote for … Continue reading

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