Pennsylvania and Forward

Originally posted on facebook-5/19/2010.  It seems I predicted the Obama Campaign Slogan

Anyone who thinks Obama really wanted Specter to win, doesn’t know Oba1 a frwdma. Obama is a master politician, this is a victory for the Dems and the white house. Specter is out-Sestak is viable, Blanche is being taught a lesson–and the White House is learning that it is ok to go ahead and take bold steps. To those who want to “take the country back”–we, the people want to move forward not back!
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kat flairBIDEN/Warren2016 the main problem will be his health and plagiarism(I think he can survive both), and it would be cool to have a president that curses…lol.  If he deals with the guns issue now–people will appreciate it by 2016. I can’t believe I’m saying it but I think it can work.  It should not be about supporting a woman simply to get a woman in the position–the key should be getting the right person for the job. Joe Biden has at least admitted the vote for Iraqi war vote was the biggest mistake he has ever made, Hillary Clinton has made no such admission and her recent actions on Benghazi make her a liability.  Biden is a fighter and he knows his stuff.  The republicans will be busy pandering to the Latino Vote because they will think it’s the reason they lost 2012 election; Democrats can get a woman in as Vice President and republicans will go down in flames–again.

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The Ghost of Lincoln In The Obama Presidency

All the gun talk has brought one thing to mind, The Presidents safety.  Call me an Obamabot, whatever you like, but Barack Hussein Obama our 44th President is a brilliant man who is trying to do Good.  I don’t want anything to happen to him.  Lincoln is his role model for the presidency and I think I know why.  Lincoln preserved the 1 afbUnion despite the civil war; he had to deal with an internal military conflict.  Lincoln freed the slaves and Obamas presidency is a result of that action, Lincoln might not have wanted to free the slaves but he knew he had to do it in order to keep the country together. I am sure Obama has had to do some things and make some compromises he may not have wanted to.  Let’s not fool ourselves the elements that wanted to continue the oppression of slavery are still out there, we call them racists and they expect the president to preserve institutionalized discrimination.  That is what Obama knew he would have to confront—those people; tea baggers, right wing nuts, and the people who pull their strings!  Also, Lincoln was assassinated and I think the President knows it’s a real possibility he is a “black” man leading a “white” nation.  Gun purchases have skyrocketed since his election, and nuts are already showing up to his events with weapons, (the media just brush that off).  Tensions have heightened in the country; I almost feel like we’re in a civil war.  Now The President wants to try and curb gun ownership, I hope the Secret Service is going to triple security around the entire First Family and the Vice Presidents Family.

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Online There Are No Lines

It seems that online shopping is up and more and more people are making their purchases online.  I used to think I would never do that; I would never put my personal banking and credit information online.  I tried to resist as long as I could but going to stores made me more open to shopping online.  People shop online because they won’t be hassled by sales people; like how they are always following you around the store or trying to get you to buy things you don’t need by making small talk.  I particularly dislike shopping during the Christmas season—stores are usually crowded and sales people are trying to make their yearly quota on your holiday spirit.  I find when I go into a store I often walk out with things that were not on my list.  When online, my shopping stays focused on what I need and not the crap I think I need, and when I am done I just check out.  NO LINES!  I have less buyer’s remorse when I shop online.  Also if they give free shipping it’s almost the same as going to the store, the only downside, you have to wait a day or two or even a week to get your product—oh well.  Now I know some would say going to the stores keep people working, but couldn’t those people just be shifted to shipping clerks instead of check-out clerks?  I was in a store the other day and asked a clerk where was the hair products—they didn’t know, online I can just type “hair products” and I have a bunch of stores to choose or I can go to a particular store and do the same search and find the hair products.  It took me almost ten minutes to find the hair products because after he asked someone and they informed him where it was, he came back and told me “aisle five”—well the aisles were double aisles, so when you were standing in aisle four you were also standing in aisle fourteen and aisle five was tucked away around a solid wall in the store—online I would have found aisle five in three seconds, and I would have customer reviews—you don’t get customer reviews when you go to the store.  I have to admit I am still reluctant to buy clothing online, I guess it goes back to the old catalog days when if you ordered something, upon arrival it wasn’t anything like how it “looked” in the catalog.  There is something about touching the fabric of the clothing or trying on the shoes you are going to wear.  I think online shopping provides a certain level of control that is not available when you go into the store. 

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Digital CameraDon’t you LOVE when you are going on vacation and someone says “bring me back something”?   Here is what I think when someone says that to me—you selfish MotherF*%#@R!    Being the person I am I do not want to just bring you back a keychain or a fridge magnet, and would you really appreciate that?  I doubt you are looking for the next shot glass for your extensive and might I add “that’s so 90s” collection.  So what you are asking is that I take time that cost me a vacation day, airline ticket, and/or hotel reservations, time I am supposed to be RELAXING to look for the perfect gift that symbolizes “my” vacation–just for you.  Well I have the answer for that, “how much are you looking to spend?”  That will be the price of the souvenir and a contingency fee for my time; contingency is based upon the total cost of my trip minus the time I spend searching for your trinket at which point I will not be VACATIONING but operating as your personal fucking shopper.  I only take cash and I expect payment in advance!  In other words–take your own vacation, and buy your own crap!

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A Word on Romney, Lehrer and Morning Joe(the Media)

Morning Joe Question:  What do you think of Lehrer performance?


Lehrer was the worst moderator ever, the worst. He is obviously too old for this now and needs to just admit he screwed up. Also if he has a favorable opinion of Romneys performance he is just a hack. As many debates as he has hosted under no circumstance can anyone call Romney a winner of this debate. This debate was a draw–Romney looked sweaty, fidgety, agitated, and constipated. He talked a mile a minute, said absolutely nothing but lies, and interrrupa dogpissted all the speakers—How could that person be considered a winner—that person is ba bully. We dont need that—and how come no one his holding Mitt accountable for what he said in the debates—so now you can go to a debate and just do whatever you want and say whatever you want–how does that help democracy. The media has lost all credibility—and your polls were of old white people, I guess those are the only undecideds left out there.

The advantage goes to the champion–which is the president–the president looked more presidential and gave more information–he had the advantage. You guys are trying to skew the perception people have of Romney–but we see it and its too late. he is the same guy that held someone down and cut their hair, the same person that bullied ann date at a dance, the same person that all the republicans hated in 2008 and the same person who took pictures of money falling out of his pocket when he knew he was shutting down companies and putting people out of work. He is the same person that carpet bombed his opponents with false ads during the primary–how come you guys are not challenging him on his statements about “needing a new accountant” and that he never heard of the tax incentives for shipping companies and creating jobs over seas. — I guess the media is just in it for the show–so instead of acting like you are reporting, you guys might as well eat your popcorn on camera.

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