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The Skinny On Christie

Here you guys go falling for republican trickery–Chris Christie is full of it.  Christie is the guy who less than a month before sandy was calling the President arrogant and that he had never led anything in his life; that … Continue reading

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Liberals Are Dissing Biden By Talking About Hillary2016

Every time I hear someone talking about Hillary Clinton for 2016, I think what a drone.  Not only is it a disrespect to Joe Biden it also doesn’t make any sense.  Hillary is not as popular as everyone thinks.  I … Continue reading

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Unchain Me Django

When I hear about a controversial movie featuring Kerry Washington, Jamie Fox, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel Jackson, and Christoph Waltz (from Inglorious Bastards) I am intrigued. So I went to see Django Unchained because I wanted to know the truth about … Continue reading

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