kat flairBIDEN/Warren2016 the main problem will be his health and plagiarism(I think he can survive both), and it would be cool to have a president that curses…lol.  If he deals with the guns issue now–people will appreciate it by 2016. I can’t believe I’m saying it but I think it can work.  It should not be about supporting a woman simply to get a woman in the position–the key should be getting the right person for the job. Joe Biden has at least admitted the vote for Iraqi war vote was the biggest mistake he has ever made, Hillary Clinton has made no such admission and her recent actions on Benghazi make her a liability.  Biden is a fighter and he knows his stuff.  The republicans will be busy pandering to the Latino Vote because they will think it’s the reason they lost 2012 election; Democrats can get a woman in as Vice President and republicans will go down in flames–again.