A Word on Romney, Lehrer and Morning Joe(the Media)

Morning Joe Question:  What do you think of Lehrer performance?


Lehrer was the worst moderator ever, the worst. He is obviously too old for this now and needs to just admit he screwed up. Also if he has a favorable opinion of Romneys performance he is just a hack. As many debates as he has hosted under no circumstance can anyone call Romney a winner of this debate. This debate was a draw–Romney looked sweaty, fidgety, agitated, and constipated. He talked a mile a minute, said absolutely nothing but lies, and interrrupa dogpissted all the speakers—How could that person be considered a winner—that person is ba bully. We dont need that—and how come no one his holding Mitt accountable for what he said in the debates—so now you can go to a debate and just do whatever you want and say whatever you want–how does that help democracy. The media has lost all credibility—and your polls were of old white people, I guess those are the only undecideds left out there.

The advantage goes to the champion–which is the president–the president looked more presidential and gave more information–he had the advantage. You guys are trying to skew the perception people have of Romney–but we see it and its too late. he is the same guy that held someone down and cut their hair, the same person that bullied ann date at a dance, the same person that all the republicans hated in 2008 and the same person who took pictures of money falling out of his pocket when he knew he was shutting down companies and putting people out of work. He is the same person that carpet bombed his opponents with false ads during the primary–how come you guys are not challenging him on his statements about “needing a new accountant” and that he never heard of the tax incentives for shipping companies and creating jobs over seas. — I guess the media is just in it for the show–so instead of acting like you are reporting, you guys might as well eat your popcorn on camera.

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