Kats Meow on Economy, but Let’s Talk Election With A Debate Wrap Up

kat flairThe economy has always been bad for certain people, particularly the black and latino communities, but that is not President Obama’s main problem–and it is a problem only those communities can solve.  Overall the economy is doing great.  I think people generally have learned their lessons and are paying closer attention to their finances, and it feels like people might be getting more conscious to the realities of our existence here on earth.  But then are those 47%, what will we do about them? 

There are a few things I wish Obama would have done differently during his presidency and during this campaign. I am sorry to see that he still has not gone into the really “red” states and tried to reach out to those people personally, and the only conclusion I can come to is that it may to risky security wise for him to be able to have an event there, but not even an indoor event is possible?  This is just what I would like to see.  I do think The President is running a superb campaign, and the economic numbers reveal he is handling the economy and foreign policy very well.  I notice no one is talking about Israel bombing Iran anymore, our Embassies are being secured and he has the full cooperation of the Libyan Government in seeking out those responsible for the attack on our embassy. 


Once again I think the media is wrong and I will say this debate was more a draw and in the long run the advantage will go to Obama.  I think Romney painted himself into a corner on several issues and still no specifics.  Romney looked hot headed, agitated, a little aggressive and not in a good way…like a bully.  We will see what happens when the media finally examine his answers.  I will agree it was not Obamas best performance but I think he did what he set out to do, which was get Romney to make certain statements on healthcare and taxes….round two next week

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