Michael Moores New Documentary 10/2/09

“Capitalism, A Love Story”

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2 Responses to Michael Moores New Documentary 10/2/09

  1. Harinder says:

    Haha, great back to back vids. Though I’m not sure a beer endorsement is what Barack needs (then again, it did say the vids were not rlevectife of the company’s views, just the inviduals or whatever). Anyway, the Anchorage newspaper (home to Miss Governor Palin) endorsed him today, so that’s cool. And EvilSlutClique totally had the right idea. I’ve been wanting to put together a list like that, but I’ve been too lazy.

  2. Jaflmack says:

    This has become my all time favorite piece of cinematic work. I’ve seen it 3 times and every time I see more imagery that Michael plays with in his use of the movie-making art form. Great work and refreshing creative expression. I don’t have to agree with all of his information and spin to appreciate his work.

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