Crowley Lies In Police Report, Lucia’s Apology–Beer Summit pt2

This is the official police report filed by Officer Crowley after he arrested Professor Gates. His account of what happens when he arrived on the scene does not coincide with the eye witness who called 911. This is the first page of the report but check out what Officer Crowley wrote happened when he ran into Lucia Whalen outside Professor Gates house.

officer gates police report
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Below is what Lucia Whalen said when she spoke out in her press conference yesterday. At 7:12 on the tape Lucia tells her version of what happened when Officer Crowley arrived. There is a big discrepancy. Officer Crowley gives a detailed account of the conversation that he said he had with Ms. Whalen, a conversation she states never took place. Do we still think Crowley is telling the truth in his version of how things went down with the professor? If he lied about the conversation he had with Ms. Whalen why should we believe anything else he says.

According to Gates in his television interview and his police report he states that he was told by Ms. Whalen at the scene that two black males were breaking into the house. I think Mr. Crowley’s police report answers the question whether race played a role in the way the professor was treated. It seems Officer Crowley was comfortable with the prospect of black criminals but ran into a black professor instead. Again I return to the fact that this officer led sensitivity trainings, but wrote a false police report accusing “blacks” as being the perpetrator.

Lucia Whalen deserves the beers not Officer Crowley; he should get disciplinary action for filing a false police report. Why have the media fail to point out the inaccuracy of the police report, why are the police above reproach? Crowley sullied Whalen’s name by saying she describe the suspects as “blacks with backpacks”. Obama was bullied by Crowley and Forced into this beer meeting for saying the police behaved stupidly. Obama had to bow to the Force. If Crowley is not going to apologize to Professor Gates he should at least publicly apologize to Lucia Whalen. If Obama couldn’t get a pass why should Mr. Crowley, he needs to be sent back to sensitivity training. We cannot allow our police to get away with the offenses that Officer Crowley has just committed, if we do then we begin to teeter on becoming a police state. I think it is worth talking about, what do you think?

I just want to say Big Ups to Professor Gates for choosing Red Stripe Beer for the beer summit. (check my post: “traveling to Negril”)

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