Hey, Can You Spare A Dime?

A few weeks ago I heard buzzing about a possible strike in Hollywood, writers seeking better salaries. Then I heard that California needed bailing out.  I wondered why those actors making the big bucks didn’t donate some of their money to help the people who work behind the scenes.  Why is it ok for an actor to make twenty million dollars for three months work?  These actors are often engaged in advertisement promoting a consumption mentality leading to many people living beyond their means trying to keep up with the Jones.  What about the big movie studios that are sucking money out of communities and giving nothing back. California is one of the richest states. Why did California get rid of their last governor?

When the Yankees wanted to build a new stadium, New York City gave them over 500million dollars and since the Mayor is now talking about laying off teachers obviously the city didn’t have it to spare.  Yankee players sign multi-million dollar contracts.  The Yankees are one of the richest ball teams, why did they need NYC’s help in building a stadium, they are a private enterprise.

Since the auto workers who are the epitome of blue collar had to make concessions and take a salary cut, and while we are talking about executive pay, I think it is time we examine all areas where salaries and spending have gotten out of control.
I was watching “Morning Joe” today and Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carters National Security Advisor was on again, he said something interesting. Mr. Brzezinski today asked a question that has been dogging me for years, “where is the moneyed class?”  He talked about how in the old days JP Morgan locked the wealthy in a room and didn’t let them out until they came up with money to bail the banks out.  Where are the people who have been making millions off the working class for all these years?  Oprah’s idea to build a state of the art school in Africa was a great idea but why didn’t she build that school here, and certainly she has enough money to do both.  I appreciate all of Bill Gates charity abroad but why don’t we see the efficiency of Microsoft displayed our school systems and why isn’t every American school wired with a state of the art computer lab? 

Mr. Brzezinski offered a solution, a <em><strong>National Solidarity Fund</strong></em>.  A fund where all those who made it big in the past years can do something to help their country and their fellow Americans, an opportunity to tie themselves to something greater than themselves.  We need money and they have it time to be “patriotic”.  They can donate to this fund and it will go to the Obama administration to help pay for some of his projects.  It is time for our moneyed class to step up and help in the stimulation of the economy, after all America has been very good to them.

Mr. Brzezinski stresses the urgency of something like this because the wealthy has to seem like they are paying their fair share and doing something to help the economy. He said if the economy doesn’t turn around the classes will get more divided and “there could even be riots”, so before we get to that point the moneyed class should just voluntarily give to this fund.  He even went so far to say we should publish names of those who have made millions and billions in the past years to shame them into donating something to the fund.  I don’t agree with the idea of Rueben or Paulson running it but the fund is a great idea. How do we get it started?

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