Why the Republicans are smarter than Democrats!

I hope the country is taking notes and the Democrats are learning their lesson. Here we are eight years after Bush drove the country and the economy into a toilet, the Republicans are faced with an opportunity to act in a bi-partisan manner what do they do? The expected—they took the opposing position, came up with their own plan and demanded support for their plan. So for everyone that was blaming the tanking economy on Bush here is your proof he did not do it alone, the republican membership was there to rubberstamp his proposal and budgets. Even though the republican way of doing things obviously failed under Reagan and both Bushes, after major losses in both congress and the presidency the Republicans still demand their agenda is the choice of the people. They seem to think the election is only about personalities and not ideas. They don’t get it. As Obama stated the ground has shifted and they have failed to realize it.

What is most significant about the vote on this stimulus package is the obvious, NOT ONE House REPUBLICAN voted for it. I could not help but think about the past eight years. I could not help but think what a different country we would have if the democrats had stood up to Bush and the republicans the way they Repubs and standing firm now. I can’t help but thinking how we would not have Guantanamo or an illegal war against the Iraqi people and pillaging of the American coffers with no-bid contracts. We would not have lost over 4,000 young men and women if the Democrats stood up to the Republicans.

If the democrats had stood up to the republicans we could have saved millions of jobs, maybe companies would not be going bankrupt, and Americans going homeless. If the democrats had stood up, Bush could not have passed the Patriot Act, or the FISA amendment. See the Republicans don’t care what is going on; they are not going to abandon their principle of tax relief for the rich and war for the poor. But the Democrats on the other hand, are different, they cower and throw moral conviction and out the window rather than upset a republican. Obama is the first democrat who didn’t seem afraid of Republicans and that’s part of the reason he won.
Now tonight after losing millions of jobs and wasting trillions of dollars, after assisting the previous administration in breaking the rules of law, and bending the constitution to fit a corrupt administration, NOT ONE SINGLE House REPUBLICAN voted for the stimulus package presented by Obama and the democrats, a first step in correcting the damage they assisted in creating. It makes me think about all those votes Democrats cast for the war and the funding of the war, for tax cuts for the wealthy, and eaves dropping on Americans. The democrats do what they always do, compromise their integrity the country be damned.

It seems the politicians forget why they are sent to Washington, they are sent there to handle the peoples business, not to settle their personality conflicts. The business of the people should not be settled by a pissing contest. We had an election the republicans lost, when they were in charge it was all about supporting the president and trusting his judgment, whatever that may have been. The democrats recited the mantra of supporting President Bush even as he broke the laws, even after he leaked the name of a CIA agent. Now Obama has come and it’s not about supporting the President but supporting the Republican way of doing things. I hope the Democrats are learning their lesson. I hope the country is seeing the Republicans and Democrats for what they truly are. If there is any question as to why the Democrats wouldn’t impeach Bush and cannot really investigate the previous administration it’s because they were enablers, and condoned what Bush and his cronies were doing by continuing to vote for his proposals and budgets.

All these media and pundits, economists and analysts were all saying that Bush’s economic plan were smart, and Iraq war was a reasonable answer to 911. These same people beat the drum for war. They now accuse Obama of proposing a weak plan but when he tries to talk about certain things they accuse him of socialism. He is supposed to fix in a week what took eight years to screw up. The media needs to go investigate Bush and find out what happened to the $9billion that disappeared in Iraq and let Obama handle the business of the people.
I think eventually the Republicans will get it, especially when they see the country moving forward without them, but will the democrats ever get it? I’m not sure.

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One Response to Why the Republicans are smarter than Democrats!

  1. Zahoor says:

    , the government shulod do for the people what the people cannot do for themselves. We saw this during WW I when the United States Railroad Administration was created because all the separate free market railroads couldn’t get their act together to support the war effort effectively. They needed government oversight. Haiti has no real government oversight and look what that earthquake did to that nation while Chile, which sustained a quake 700 times stronger, had less damage and fewer numbers of deaths because of effective government. Same case can be made with Japan. Who do you find is interested in pretending? Just about everyone. As a Republican, I’m finding myself disappointed on how they are approaching issues. Take that whole Obama birth certificate issue. Which Republican leader came out and definitively laid out the case to put that issue to rest. None that I recall. They let it continue to fester for political purposes. The certificate was a valid document from the State of Hawaii. Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, verified it was valid. This was happening while Linda Lingle, a Republican, was in place as Governor of Hawaii so if the Republican leadership had any real questions about the certificate the Governor could have answered their concerns. A lot of people wanted Hilary Clinton to be the first woman president. Folks were digging on Obama during the primary to help Clinton. They ended finding the birth announcements in the Honolulu newspapers from that time. So all these facts were out there and yet none of the Republican leaders honestly addressed the issue. I know politics are involved, but with all the pressing issues facing the nation why couldn’t they be honest and put this one to bed. This is just one example of what I’m seeing from the Republicans. And what do you suppose are the prospects for constructive compromise, when some parties to the proposed compromise are interested in facts and others are evidently not? I believe truth prevails. If you know you are right and have the facts on your side, I believe the American people will be with you. Isn’t this one of the main reasons there’s a respect for the military, firefighters and police officers? We believe they are in for a just and honorable cause. Our political leaders shulod be held to the same standards and doing the same. Over the past few months, Obama has yet to make one public offer of a significant, concrete reduction in spending. He is hoping that if he can make his opponents look bad and buffalo them into capitulating, he and his lieutenants won’t have to rein in any spending. I obviously don’t know all the details of the ongoing debt ceiling discussion but from what I’ve being reading Obama is willing to make concessions on entitlements. The Republics are not willing to give anything on revenue. Some Republicans are saying this is a missed opportunity. Again, Congress has the power of the purse. Prior to this debt ceiling issue, have they come forward with a serious proposal to the debt that puts everything on the table entitlements, defense, tax increases? I don’t believe the Ryan proposal, in that regard, was a serious position.You’re thinking seriously about voting for this guy in 2012?Not sure. It’s up to the Republicans to convince me not to.

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