Its day two for the Pollitikat in PA. I am on the ground and blogging from the headquarters in Philadelphia. Today I canvassed what felt like the entire north Philly area. Many Obama supporters there. I worked out the the office in Girard near Broad street. If you are in Philly you should walk over to help out, we need you.I continue to believe that Obama will take Philly and Pennsylvania, I continue to have hope, because I believe in the man, the mission and the message. Despite what all the pundants are saying I think Barack will WIN here. There is no way for the polls to capture what is happening on the ground. While out canvassing today I ran into very few undecided and very few Hillary supporters. I can honestly say that Pennsylvania is FIRED UP!!. I ran into university student and veterans all for Barack. My most interesting contact today was with a white man from Bucks county. Well he was very warm, and although he was undecided, he was excited to see the campaign comming through. He seemed so genuine in his interest in what was going on I almost cried right there. I managed to hold it together to tell him we need to win Bucks county so if he could talk to all his friends and remember to bring them out to the polls on tuesday. Tomorrow will be another day and boy am I ready to go get out the vote. I also ran into many New Yorkers and people from all over the country who made the trip to PA just to show their love and support for this candidate. Its morning in America again.
This is day three for the Pollitikat on the ground in PA. After a late nite labeling door hangers today I started out early hanging signs reminding people where to vote tomorrow. After we drove around in the sound truck pumping Will-I-Am’s “yes we can” through the streets of center city and northern Philly. We got many shouts of “Obama” and “yes we can” as we drove by from all kinds of people.

This afternoon was particularly interesting as we staged a visibility presence across from a bunch of Hillary supporters. When we came out (followed by the media of course) the Hillary supporters decided to get bigger signs. Well we called for backup and they showed up in force. Eventually we had several corners covered.

If I was to conduct a snap poll on the amount of cars that drove by with Obama signs, and honking their horns there is no doubt in my mind that we will win PA. The response was outrageous, the Hillary supporters got so frustrated by the level of attention we were getting they packed up and left. Victory!!!

The level of energy has been intense all day here at the headquarters, a constant heavy stream of volunteers have been showing up at all the offices throughout the city. Our ground force is really aweswome guys, but Im sure many of you already know that.
Tomorrow is d-day, and we are prepared for the battle. I continue to believe that Barack is going to win. YES WE CAN