(Iraq War) Double Speak and Holding the Media Accountable

I am very disturbed by the anniversary of the war. I remember sitting in my living room and crying the morning after 911 because of the telephone calls that were coming in the television morning shows about loved ones that were missing and feared dead after the attack at the world trade center. As a resident I was not surprised that we were attacked. Al Qeada had declared jihad on America several years before and someone had already bombed it, so I know they had it in for us. What surprised me was the level of incompetence displayed by the American Government and the Bush Administration. After a full commission and several investigations it is clear that the attacks could have been avoided. With all that said the Iraqi war is a despicable use of this tragedy by the Bush administration. To take this country in an illegal and corrupt war for the sake of fattening the pockets of his compadres is the ultimate disrespect to those who lost their lives.

I am a New Yorker, and I knew there was NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTIONS before the military invaded Iraq. I knew because I remember previous presidents and the previous Bush administration. I remember The Iran-Iraq war, Iran-Contra, and Reagan saying to congress “I do not recall”. I remember Saving and Loans scandals, and a president being impeached for sex. I heard about Lincoln, Malcolm, Kennedy, Martin, Robert and their assassinations. I remembered this was America.

I saw Saddam giving interviews affirming he had no illegal weapons programs and Inspectors saying they found no weapons or any evidence there was any intention to create any. The reality is Saddam had to be a magician for me to believe there were weapons the way we were scouring and scrambling across that country. The fact remains, that sitting in my living room and just watching what was going on via news I could tell there were no weapons. So why couldn’t the member of congress, why couldn’t Hillary with 35 years of experience and travels to 80 countries. The Iraq war is the worst betrayal in history of the American people. The way the Bush administration has handled the country and the arrogance they continue to show during their reign is a reflection of their disdain and contempt for Americans. The fact that the Bush Regime is going to get away with it is sickening enough; I certainly do not want to see a president elected who supported that decision.

The American people need to understand who we are fighting over there. We are not fighting “insurgents” these are Iraqi citizens who are “resisting” the illegal invasion and occupation by a foreign force. The Bush administration labels the resistance “insurgents” and the media picks up the lingo sells it to the public and we validate it. This is another reason why the media has to be held accountable. Instead of “escalation” we have a “surge”. We have been fighting the Iraqi for five years and they are not giving in. We have gone into their homes and killed fathers and mothers in front of their children. Our soldiers are firing into houses. Imagine if that happened to you, unprovoked. We have to be careful of the language we use when we talk about the war. 911 was a terrible attack, but imagine five years of 911 and that is what the Iraqi people are facing. By referring to the people fighting as insurgents we act as though we are not fighting Iraqis, just as we labeled the victims of Katrina “refugees” as though they were not Americans. By saying insurgents we make it ok to kill them and it has the feel of sterilizing the brutality of killing. Are we to believe that the Iraqi people are going about their daily lives while foreigners come to their country and start a war? Who would stand for that? Wouldn’t it mean that if we went away the insurgent would go away; since our presence is the reason they are there? Maybe, just maybe the Iraqis love their country and that’s why they fight?

These doubles speak started right after the attacks when patriotism was redefined and it meant “flag”. Security was now “war”, and giving up privacy and freedom became the “patriot act”. When the name of a CIA agent who was responsible for securing loose nukes was leaked her position was redefined as “secretary”, and military occupation became “liberation”. The media has been taking their cues from the Bush party and selling the agenda to America, they should be held accountable. We disrespect our soldiers by sending them to an unjustified war, to the Iraqis they are the “insurgents” I mean didn’t we just conduct a “surge”?

I was very upset that one American had to die in this illegal war, I remember debating against it with many friends. Ones who had fell for the argument of fear, and were obviously suffering from the shock of the attacks and whose emotions were being exploited for the Bush/Cheney agenda. I watched as ten died, and then twenty and I said maybe when it gets to 100 people will start to think and this war will end, but it kept on going. Then it went to one hundred and then two, and I thought maybe when it gets to a thousand people will ask questions and this war will end, but it kept on going. I knew then that it had to pass the almost three thousand that died in the 911 attacks. Well that happened in December 2006. We had a new congress and I thought maybe now this war will end the people have spoken, but it still goes on. We need a president that can bring this war and the notion of preemptive war to an end, a president who has studied the art of war not just the battles.

It is sad that 4,000 Americans and countless Iraqi have had to die for no justifiable reason, but because of Obama their deaths will not be in vain. He was against the war from “day one” and he vocalized it. I think he is the best to handle foreign policy because he has shown graciousness and wisdom. His call for Americans to get involved and stay involved shows he is for the people, he is the best to handle domestic issues because he shows he can understand both sides of issues and negotiate a balanced conclusion. He has shown he can unify, strategize, and fight tough, and his campaign is a testament to his superiority. We need this leader.

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