On Barack Obama: I Guess He Is Black Enough

After watching Barack answer the charges of hate against his pastor, sadness came over me. Barack was forced to say he was never in church when Wright was giving sermons that might have been peppered with the kind of comments being played on TV. I’m sure that republicans, the Clintons and the media are digging to see if Barack was indeed at such a sermon. To show how ridiculous this thing was at one point Anderson showed Barack one of the statements he was condemning it went something like, paraphrasing” “Hillary has never had a cab whiz by her because the color of her skin was wrong, Hillary has no idea what it is like to be a black man and live in a country controlled by rich white people,” after showing the statement Anderson repeated this is one of the statements you are condemning, even Anderson knew it was ridiculous, because the statement is true.
I then watched as Anderson and David Gergen and Roland Martin went on to talk about how it is possible that Wright could be a patriot and could possibly love this country more than many people but feel that America has not lived up to what it could be, how we needed to dialogue about the issues behind the statements and see the entire ceremony before casting judgment. Imagine after backing Barack into a corner and after he had committed himself to a particular position the media was offering up another explanation for the same words that was before being characterized as evil and hateful. Making him denounce a man he obviously loves a great deal and who has had nothing but positive influence in his own personal growth. Great.

This is one of those moments when I am proud I am not an American. Some would say America is the greatest country. To that I say; has anyone in your community been shot to death by the police simply because of the color of their skin. Has anyone in your community been tied to the back of a truck and dragged until the head separated from the body. Has your child been confronted with a noose lately?

Of the fifty states and one hundred senators did everyone know that Barack was the only black person in the senate? Did we forget King was jailed and the youth was beaten and killed just to be able to drink at a water fountain, imagine being deprived water because of the color of your skin? Does everyone understand that slavery was preached from the pulpit? When was the black vote fully realized? If you live in a ghetto you may have a different view of America, that’s why I support Obama, because America can be great.

Strength from force does not make greatness, strength of character does. Didn’t Jesus speak out against the corruption in his own community? Didn’t he turn over the tables of merchants at temple because he felt they were desecrating the sanctity of the temple? Remember there were those in Jesus’ day that spoke out against him. Why? Because he was interrupting their ability to make money, and too many people were starting to listen to Jesus, standing up for themselves. They conspired against Jesus and paid one of his own disciples to help in having him crucified? I’m not religious but I understand what happened to Jesus.

It seems like America has not learned anything in the past seven years. Let me ask, where was the media when George Bush was lying to the country about the war. Where were the tough questions, and the investigative reporting, when Colin Powell went in front of the UN with lies and graphics a second grader could make as his proof. We have basically given the media a pass on their role in forcing a lie on the American people. It cost us precious lives, by death and injury. Why aren’t they looking for the $9 billion dollars that was lost in Iraq? Shouldn’t the media also be held accountable? CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, CBS. Two minute panels used as evidence, supported by research from youtube! Where is the demand for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney? Why are we allowing the media to control the debate and ultimately the election? Are we forgetting that Bush has consolidated the media and they are controlled by Mega Corporation who has a stake in the outcome of the election? They insult our intelligence and we give them the country.

We are so quick to say we believe in god, but to me god is truth, the d(evil) is a lie, and when we force someone to a point where we know he might have to lie (and I am not saying that Barack lied, but he might have, the parties are digging) how godly are we. Reverend Wright is a man beloved across the country for the good and uplifting message he brings to his audience. His tape and DVD are available. We are asking Barack to deny who he, to deny twenty years of his life. How do you take away a mans life and expect him to be a man. This pastor is essential to the making of Barack, an ex-marine, who has done nothing but good deeds in his community. I don’t condemn Pastor Wright, I want to learn more about him and the church. Because what you her makes one uncomfortable, doesn’t mean it’s a lie. The Tuskegee Experiment on the Black Male did happen.

Everyone should go to a black church this Sunday (especially if the pastor is a handsome as the new guy at Obama’s church) to show support for Barack and love to Black America, especially supporters in Chicago. All the Chicago supporters should show up at Baracks church as show of support for Barack, let the world know that we are not going to give in to hate and misinformation, that we trust and support Barack. Barack has reopened the door of democracy in America, and invited us in. We knew we would be tested, Obama said this would not be easy. Can you imagine being Barack right now? We need to lift him up. Let’s all go to church this Sunday with our Barack signs and lift them up.

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2 Responses to On Barack Obama: I Guess He Is Black Enough

  1. Niss says:

    let me get this, let me get this, you guys pay more for healthcare than any other niotan on this planet & yet you don’t have the best healthcare & about 30 million of your citizens don’t have any form of health care. The private insurance are jacking up prices & making record profits year on year which you don’t seem to object to. Your government want to reform this broken system and it seems some of you are ready to start a revolution. You guys are either brainwashed by foxnews or you need your heads examined

  2. rubea says:

    i am so sorry to see that you see obama as your savior…the truth is…he don’t give a dam about you or anyone else…this man is on a voyage for power and he will stomp you like a bug right along with everyone else. he cares not about blacks or whites or america. he is an evil, evil man who has only begun his distruction of america. i know blacks had it hard in america, and so did native americans and poor whites and many others. but that is no excuse to fall for the lies obama spews daily. do your own research and you would find out that you too should be very scared of this man who claims he cares and wants to help you. if you only go by what you see on tv, you will be missing the big picture. do your own research and stop drinking the kool aide

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