Why Does Barack Want To Be President? Obama Holding Out

Why does Barack want to be President?

So exciting to be alive at this particular time. When I read about epic events in history, I often try to picture the people that were living at the time and what they felt. I don’t have to wonder anymore. I have managed to see the world turn, so to speak. We have an impeachable president that is without a doubt guilty of several crimes, a new congress after eight years of oppressive republican rule, a hotly contested presidential election, continued turmoil in the middle east, an illegal war in Iraq, and Barack Obama running for president. I’m sure everyone agrees this next election is a very important decision for the country, it will shape the future of America, and determine her history.

I have been trying to understand why Barack Obama feels he should be the next President of the United States. I have the resume, and understand that he was a community organizer, the first Black editor of the Harvard Law Review, a college professor that taught constitutional law, was in the state senator and now congressman from Illinois. Those are all great accomplishments. The question I have with Barack, is whether he has the experience and is authentic? I don’t mean is he black enough? My questions are, is he experienced enough? Does he understand the issues enough? We need a president that is more than charming and convincing. The next president has to be an extraordinary person. A President that knows what he is doing. A president that does more than repeat the party line, someone that does more than just package the same solution in different wrappers.

Right now I am very disappointed in all politicians, because they did nothing to stop the illegal war of George Bush. I blame Republicans and Democrats equally for not doing more to prevent this country from invading a sovereign nation. I am sorry that Barack has chosen to vote to fund the war, period. I am disappointed that the congress seems to suffer from peer pressure and there are no individuals, just party members. No one stood against sending our innocent children to fight a war that they knew was illegal. A war that has led to more hatred against America and her people. We need a president that understands the Arab/Israeli/Persian issue, also that there are many religions in the northern Africa and southwest Asia. One that understands health care, and wellness, and not just listening to the pill pushing corporations. The next president has to be an extraordinary person, and I need to hear new solutions to these challenges. What about the poor, social security, immigration, child care. These are everyday problems that need new innovative ways to overcome. We want to hear them. In this election we should demand more from the candidates.

Is Barack the everyday man? I am definitely a fan, he is inspirational. Is he presidential material? Yes, but not now. I think he is a great vice presidential candidate, and after eight years, he can run for president and he would win. I don’t think Barack has given us enough information about himself and his ability to lead and manage a large political organization like the government. What has he managed? He has never been Mayor or Governor, only served eight years in the state senate and one term in congress. What does he know about budgets? How well does he understand the problems facing the nation?. How will he work with the congress? Too often Barack sounds like a Democrat. I think this country has evolved beyond party talking points. We are ready to be spoken to like adults. We are ready for the truth.

America is great because the people make her great, yet elected government shows such a lack of confidence in and respect for the people. Every election politicians come before us and promise to be different than the next one or the last one. We need more than that, we need to hear real ideas, we can handle it. I am listening and can’t wait to hear. would love to see Edwards/Obama ticket, or even better a Pelosi/Obama ticket.

Now, Obama is holding out on reporting how much he has raised for his campaign. Is this a strategic move? It had better be. Buzz is that Obama, may have equaled or even surpassed Hillary, others say there may be accounting problems. We will find out on 4/4/07.

If it is the case the he raised as much as or more than Hillary then it makes perfect sense that he may want to have a day of news to himself to revel in the victory of over coming the Clinton juggernaut. If so, Barack will become the most prominent and viable of the candidates. If he raised over $26 million, that makes him a true contender in the fact that he has the money to compete.

I am not sure if money is enough for Obama. While I think people really like Obama, does he have the depth? If Obama did not raise at least $14 million to at least match John Edwards, it shows that he is having a problem translating his superstar popularity into dollars. Could the delay be Obama trying to figure out how to pull out? We will find out on 4/4/07.

Even though I may not think Obama is ready for president, I would not want to see him drop out so early. He deserves a opportunity to define himself and I would like to hear what he stands for and how he thinks he can help the country. Onward to ’08.

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